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Staying in Charge of Your Future (17%)
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Care Alternatives (13%)
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Yuma County Resources for Domestic Violence (13%)
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Medicare (12%)
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Cochise County Resources for Domestic Violence (12%)
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Pinal County Resources for Domestic Violence (12%)
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Divorce in Arizona (11%)
Highlighted Summary: court can legally end a marriage. However, spouses are free to agree to as many terms of

Things You Should Know about Custody and Parenting Time (11%)
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Coconino County Resources for Domestic Violence (10%)
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Pima County Resources for Domestic Violence (10%)
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Maricopa County Domestic Violence Resources (10%)
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Santa Cruz County Resources for Domestic Violence (10%)
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Yavapai County Resources for Domestic Violence (9%)
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The Cash Assistance Program and Child Support (9%)
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How To Change Your Name (8%)
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Will bankruptcy save my home from foreclosure? (8%)
Highlighted Summary: Divorce on the Navajo Nation - Grounds and Requirements (8%)
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Directives and Ways to Avoid Financial Exploitation (8%)
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Things You Should Know about Protective Orders (8%)
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Parent Education Classes (7%)
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Family Law on the Navajo Nation: How is Property Divided in a Divorce? (7%)
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Guide for Self-Represented Appellants and Appellees (7%)
Highlighted Summary: court to review the decision of a lower court. The

U.S Bankruptcy Court Debtor Help (7%)
Highlighted Summary: The U.S. Bankruptcy Court provides resources for those looking for information on filing for bankrup

Covenant Marriage in Arizona (7%)
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Tribal Resources for Domestic Violence (7%)
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U.S Bankruptcy Court District of Arizona Centros de Self-Help (7%)
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AZTurbocourt: The online court system (6%)
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Domestic Violence Survivor's Guide (6%)
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The Family Medical Leave Act (5%)
Highlighted Summary: Overview of FMLA The Family & Medical Leave Act (The Landlord Tenant Relationship (5%)
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Information for Homeowners Facing Loss of a Home (5%)
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Certified Fiduicaries (5%)
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Arizona Superior Court Locations by County (5%)
Highlighted Summary: Arizona Superior Court Locations and Phone Numbers by County

FORECLOSURE DEFICIENCIES IN ARIZONA: Will I still owe money after a foreclosure? (5%)
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Garnishment (4%)
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Consumer Protection - How to Avoid Scams (4%)
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La Paz County Resources for Domestic Violence (3%)
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Creditor Resources (3%)
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Debtor Resources (3%)
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AHCCCS Health Plans (3%)
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Navajo County Resources for Domestic Violence (3%)
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Juvenile Courts by County (3%)
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Juvenile Courts by County
Financial Assistance for Immigrants who are Seniors (3%)
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Highlighted Summary: Small Claims Court Process (3%)
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Gila County Resources for Domestic Violence (3%)
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Gila County Resources for Domestic Violence (3%)
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Graham County Resources for Domestic Violence (3%)
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Greenlee County Resources for Domestic Violence (3%)
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Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (3%)
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Mohave County Resources for Domestic Violence (3%)
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Child Support in Arizona (3%)
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Apache County Resources for Domestic Violence (3%)
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Overview of Asylum Law (3%)
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You and the Law: Fair Debt Collection (3%)
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Supplemental Security Income and Cash Assistance (3%)
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Are You Being Abused? (2%)
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Assistance with Legal Document Preparation (2%)
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Setting Aside Convictions and Restoring Civil Rights (2%)
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Tips for a Successful Client-Attorney Relationship (2%)
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U.S. Bankruptcy Court District of Arizona Self Help Center (2%)
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Fair Housing For All: It's the Law! (2%)
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Special Education Hotline (2%)
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Buying a Used Car - Private Sales (2%)
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Historic Civil Rights Act offers new hope for fighting discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity (2%)
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Repossession Law (1%)
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The Food Stamp and Cash Assistance Program: Overpayments (1%)
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Predatory Lending Schemes and Scams (1%)
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Social Security (1%)
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Housing Options for Seniors (1%)
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Adoption and Child Welfare (1%)
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County Resources for Domestice Violence Victims (1%)
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Dealing with Debt (1%)
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The Food Stamp Program: Income and Deductions (1%)
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Jobs Program For People Who Receive Cash Assistance (1%)
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How to Get a Certified Copy of a Birth Certificate (1%)
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Elder Abuse and its Effects (1%)
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Interactive Forms FAQ (1%)
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Arizona Booster Seat Laws (1%)
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New Automobile Buying Tips (1%)
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What is Identity Theft? (1%)
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Buying a Used Car - Dealer Sales (1%)
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Arizona Resources for Seniors (1%)
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Avoiding Foreclosure of Your Home (0%)
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Family Lawyer's Assistance Project (FLAP)- Phoenix (37%)
FLAP provides assistance to individuals who are representing themselves in family court matters such

Volunteer Lawyers Program - Pima County (20%)
The Volunteer Lawyer Program (VLP) for Pima County offers self-help clinics, court projects, and dir

Volunteer Lawyers Program - Apache, Cochise, Gila, Graham, Greenlee, Pinal, Navajo and Santa Cruz Counties (18%)

Arizona South Asians For Safe Families (ASAFSF) (10%)

Avondale Victim Assistance Unit (9%)

Our Family Services (9%)
Our Family makes our community a better place to live, to grow up, and to grow older by providing a

Catholic Charities - Yavapai County (8%)

ASU Legal Clinic (8%)
Offers a wide range of legal assistance from consultations to court representation. These services a

Catholic Charities - Coconino, Apache, Navajo Counties (7%)

Pio Decimo Center (7%)
Childcare, transitional housing for homeless families, language classes (ESL), health clinics, and y

Defenders of Children (7%)

Catholic Charities - Central & Northern Arizona (7%)

Fresh Start Women's Foundation (6%)

Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona, Inc. (6%)

Adoption Reunion Services (5%)

ASU Crime Victim's Legal Assistance Project (5%)

Glendale Victim Assistance (5%)

Tohono O'odham Legal Services – Sells (5%)

Southern Arizona Legal Aid, Inc. – Whiteriver (5%)

Catholic Community Services in Southeastern Arizona (5%)

Attorney General's Office of Victim Services (Phoenix) (5%)


Do you have to have a legal advisor to file a motion for a new trial? (27%)

I was divorced in 2009. I was awarded 3 years spousal support. Ex husband paid for 6 months, quit his job and left the state and has not paid any alimony in one year. I need help to file the right forms to collect this due alimony. (13%)
For forms regarding enforcement of a court order for support, please visit the Superior Court websit

I have paper's to serve my kids mother with a court date. But I don't know where she lives how do I find out where she lives at? Or how do I serve her? (13%)
For instructions on how to serve family court papers to someone that cannot be located, visit the Se

where and how do i find forms to amend child custody (13%)
The documents to amend child custody are usually located on your Superior Courts wesbite, in their s

Is it possible and lawful to withdraw a petition for legal separation before it is final? If yes, how?? (13%)

The des is trying to collect child support from me that I do not owe. What is the appeal process? (13%)
- Please read the link Is a condo covered in the anti-deficiency statue of Arizona? My condo is one of a 4 unit building. Is that a single family dwelling? I am the only person who lives in it. Can someone please help? (13%)

If I currently have joint custody of my 13 and 17 year old children, and my ex-wife sent them to live with a family member in the same city that I reside in, wouldn't they have to live with me preferably over the other family member? (12%)
If there is an order regarding custody and parenting time, then you are bound by those court orders

If a single adult is injured and unable to make any decisions, will the court appoint a family member to become their guardian? If so, how is this done? (12%)
If the adult is not able to make decisions, a family member may petition the court to be appointed a

What is Medicare? (12%)

Can I use the Dissolution papers for Maricopa County Superior Court to file in Navajo County? Since Navajo County does not provide these forms online. (12%)

Is there a way to read a will without contacting the surviving spouse and/or immediate family? (11%)

I found a car on craigslist and went to see the vehicle. The seller and I agreed on a price. I told him I would be receiving my refund check in one week and asked if I could hold the car with a $300.00 deposit. Unfortunately my refund check became offset and I will not be receiving any money. Now the seller does not want to pay me back the deposit. Is that legal? (11%)

How do I file a contempt of court because husband is not paying temporary spousal maint. plus he's changed titles on vehicles and property/house? (11%)

My decree states that my ex-husband has supervised visitation. The person who was supervising was my mother, who recently passed away. There is no other family member or friend that can do the supervising. We have tried to have me supervise but we end up fighting during the visit. Will the court supervise or is there a program that will supervise? (11%)

The court will not supervise parenting time.  However, there are agencies and trai

What is the procedure for obtaining a Legal Separation with Spousal Support to pay bills. (11%)

Is it possible to get emergency custody if you have not yet filed for divorce? (10%)

I just found out that my ex is in jail. I tried to get CS from him before with no luck - is it possible to attach and order to his current case? (10%)

how can i get my case number online (10%)

I am seeking to obtain temporary emergency orders. I understand I need to file a summons, complaint (petition) and request for temp.orders....however I'm not sure once those are filed what I need to do. Are there additional forms required? (10%)

How do I apply to the Superior Court for an Order of Temporary Custody of a Minor? (10%)

I have a default divorce and my ex-wife will not give me a copy of the court papers and I do not know where to find them. She moved out of state with my daughter and I have no idea what the custody is or anything about the divorce and she will not let me see my daughter. Is there anything I can do about this? (10%)

Whats the differance between divorce and legal seperation (10%)

i am trying to obtain emergency custody of my grandkids due to a child endangerment charge against my daughter what papers do i file (10%)

how and were can i fill out a form saying i want a paternity test? (10%)
This  If a child has been removed from the home by CPS and assigned a family guardian 8+ yrs ago, does the mother have to petition the court in order to restore parental rights and get the child back? Or does the guardian have to petition the court? (10%)

who keeps the kids while divorce is pending (10%)

What does "Return-Undesignated" mean when it is under the EVENT TITLE on the Docket for the Judges calendar? What is the average time for response to a blank motion filed with family court. (10%)

My husband & I both agree on the dissolution of our covenant marriage. We have filed with Maricopa County Courts. I need to know if I have the proper forms to include with the standard forms given to me thru the court house. (10%)

My ex-husband will not follow the divorce decree order that were signed by a judge. How can I enforce the judges order? What form do I use? (10%)

I need to file for child support online where would I get tne forms for that? (10%)
You can find some of the forms on the Arizona Supreme Court’s website Just recieved a paper for the court stating the The court has considered the pettion to modify Child Support Order. The court has revied the file and determined that there is no evidence in the court file that the petitione has ever been served upon the respondence pursuant to AZ Rules of family law procedure. They aslo sasid that it is orederd the ppetition to modify child support order will be dismissed on January 23, 2010 without prejudice for failure to timely serve the respondent unless prooof of timeky service is presented to the Court by that date? What does this mead in regular engkl (10%)

What is necessary to bring and/or fill out for a Parenting Conference with Conciliation Services ? Is there usually more than one conference? Is a child younger than the statutory age often interviewed? (10%)

im looking for a document for motion to reconsider in a child support case (10%)

My daughter is in Perryville prison. and needs to get a divorce packet. I don't have much money. What do I do for her? (9%)

Dissolution of marriage (divorce) packets can be found at the local superior court or in the law

if a person has had no contact with their spouse in 6 years are they considered legally seperated? What are seperation laws in Arizona? (9%)
A legal separation is a court order (which can be an agreed order) describing the conditions under w

My ex husband was ordered by the court to provide me with his address and employment information within 10 days. It's been well over the 10 days and he refuses to give me the information. What forms do I file to request contempt charges and that he be forced to give me the information? (9%)

My daughter's grandmother was granted visitation for 1 sunday a month, due to recent occurances, her father and i are wanting to go back to court and ask the judge to revoke her visitation rights. What do we need to file to get the correct hearing? (9%)

Where can the parenting Education classes be taken.. (9%)

Where do i go to get signed up for the parenting class? (9%)

if we court order to see my grand daughter and the mother is now holding her from coming over cause she got mad at the father wont let her come over she does this all the time its away of her getting back at him and hurting him she is selfish my grand daught adore he father. (9%)

Can he still pick up my kids from school even tho I have a protective order (9%)
F. If the court finds that a parent has committed an act of domestic violence, that parent has the b

i have a friend who had a baby with a girl who he was dating and she left the baby with him, saying he can keep her that she wants to walk away from everything. What does he need to do to keep his daughter. And if she was to call the cops on him would he need to return the baby to his ex? (9%)

I cannot find a form on Maricopa Superior Court for a Temporary Order of Child Custody for post decree. I only find a pre decree form. Can the pre decree form be used if I am filing a post decree Temporary Order? What are my alternatives? (9%)

My grandson cannot afford an attorney. Is there a way he can file for custody of his son free of charge? (9%)

want to find out information on adoption,for a child that is not biologically is not mine. his mother and i were involved after she became pregent. he is now 10 and i have been there helping raise him since he was born. his biological father has not seen him in 9 years, and owes 16,000 dollars in child support.His mother and i are not togther anymore but i he spends every other weekend with me and holidays with me and i would like to adopit him (9%)

How do you enforce child support when the other parent moves out of state? (9%)

I would like to know the law regarding children visiting family members outside the state. i understand that a parent can't take a child out of state without the others permission, but can children go visit family members without the other parent standing in the way/ My ex prevented my children from visiting HIS family over the winter vacation, because he would not give consent and told everyone that they would be violating a court order if they went. is that true or can the children leave the state if they are not with a parent/ (9%)
If a court order pertaining to custody exists, there is a good chance that it has provisions relatin

what paper work do i need to give someone gaurdianship (9%)

How do I get my file \case number? (9%)

We are divorced and both relocating to Phoenix--what do we need to do in order to have our child custody agreement be under Arizona jurisdiction once we've established residency? (9%)

What does "Undesignated" mean when it is under the EVENT TITLE on the Docket for the Judges calendar for a Return hearing in a family court case?? (9%)

Number of days to file a Notice of Appeal to Justice Court judgement? Give ARS reference (9%)

The mother of my daughter wants to give me full custody of her. She will remain a part of her life and this had been agreed upon. What do I need to do to have her sign over full custody willingly to me? And are there forms I can download? (9%)
- The link found My girlfriend got pregnant and I assumed I was the father. When she was born I signed the aknowledgment of paternity at the hospital. After four months my daughter was very dark and she looked mexican which I am not. I did a dna test and it turns out I am not the biological father. I am on the birth certificate. I need to file a challenge to the paternity and need to know what forms I need to file with the court (9%)

I am not married to my child's father. He signed an aknowledgment of paternity when we were in the hospital so he could be put on the birth cert. Is that enough or do I need to get a real test done to start the child support process. And if so how do I get the fees waived? (9%)

My son and both jail, the maternal grandmother was given custody of their two children by CPS. do I as the paternal grandmother have the right to file for custody? if so, what are my chances of getting custody? (9%)
If parents are unable to care for a child, a party may petition the court to adjudicate the child as

I have a court date coming up in a few days for a petition for Emergency custody my wife has asked her attorney for. I am looking for a paid attorney for myself, I think I have found one but she wont be able to do so for about a week or two, so she said to request the courts grant a continuance to give her time to prep for my defense. I am wondering how I can go about requesting this without a lawyer present? Will the judge be able to do this? (9%)

How do I answer a summons for a debt from a vehicle repossession? (8%)

I was charged with an Assault 3 months ago. Will it ever be taken off of my record? (8%)

Please explain what the alpha designators mean in Case Numbers. Example:J-1102-CR-200500311. They begin with J-,M-,etc. Thank you. (8%)

The alpha designators in case numbers are identicators for the court's filings. For the Arizona S

what papers do i need for modify costody? (8%)

My ex has sole custody of my 17 year old daughter. In November 2010, my daughter spent 2 weeks in residential treatment for cutting. When my daughter was discharged from treatment, it was recommended she participate in more treatment, my ex is not following thru with this. My daughter sounds they way she did whenshe was cutting, I am worried w/o treatment she will hurt herself. Can I file for emergency custody? Called CPS but they are not sure if they will bebable to respond timely. Can I file the one where my ex is not served? Not sure if the situation meets the criteria for that? (8%)

which court do I need to go to and where can I get forms for a divorce in Maricopa county? (8%)

I need to file for child support but I don't know where to start (8%)

I need to know how to change my name back to my maiden name.I have been divorced for nine years now my Daughter from this marriage is now 18 and I no longer have her on my insurance as that is why I didnt take my maiden name back at the time of the divorce and now I want to change it.So if you could please tell me how I can do that and I am on a limited income so free help would be great. Thank You (8%)

If you are petitioning for a name change in Maricopa County Superior Court, The Maricopa County S

My husband is incarcerated and we have two children. I am in the process of submitting my petition for a dissolution of marriage and noticed we are required to complete a parenting class. Is there a waiver for a parent that is incarcerated or any other way this class can be completed by him? (8%)

We the grandparents have been involved in our 3 grandgirls lives for 12 years.our daughter has legal custody the father has not been for 10 1/2 of those he has parental rights but has not used them there have been some issues with my daughter and he filed for temp custody and decision making and will be filing for full custody 1 1/2 years ago he had the girls for 1 yr and we found out the stepmother was beating them with cords and belts now that he has temp custody is that enough to go to court and us try to get custody from them both (8%)

If a person dies and does not leave a will, can a family member take over the dead persons home. (8%)

For the purposes of emancipation, can a minor be considered "self-sufficient" if they can rely on someone other than their parent to provide housing and financial security? (8%)

I just had court for non payment of rent and I have 5 days to move but at this moment I don't have any money and I need help about a month and a half ago I got temporary guardianship of three of my nephews and I can't afford to be homeless with my family and I also have a daughter and grandson living with me and only income is unemployment where can I go for help (8%)

What is the first step I would take to have my husband adopt my first child? What if the father is unknown and not on the birth certificate? (8%)

My situation is I live in Minnesota and my ex lives in Arizona. Minnesota ruled to keep jurisdiction there for all support and custody issues. My ex opened a child support case in Arizona, and now because of this my taxes were taken. Is this legal?? I have the MN court order but can Arizona take over?? (8%)

Family law matters are very fact specific, especially issues regarding child support and custody.

I would like to enforce my divorce decree. In the decree my ex husband was to buy me out of a portion of our business. He had 2 years to buy out my portion with an agreed upon amount. He is refusing to do so. What do I need to file in order to enforce this? The business is still operating and he is employed by it. (8%)

How long do I have to file annulment papers in the state of Arizona? in other words what is the statute of limitations on time? (8%)

My ex wont tell me where he works or what he makes how much he makes, how do I get this information? (8%)

What could i do to enforce for my kids father to give me childsupport...? I have court order for it but he still doesn't give me nothing??? (8%)

My daughter will turn 18 at the end of January, but is still in high school, senior, graduates in May. Is there a form for me to fill out to keep the C.S. obligation going? Also I am married now but the clearing house still knows me by my old last name how can I change it? (8%)

Please review ARS 25-320 for information on chi

Can a pendente lite for child support be obtained if parents were never married and are awaiting a child custody trial? (8%)

How do i go about getting emergency custody of my child? (8%)

I had a family court case transferred from New Mexico to Arizona a couple months ago. I had a hearing in AZ on 10/30. They required me to send my ex husband (in NM) a letter stating that there was a hearing set. He went back to the NM court the day before our hearing was set and he had a trial set in NM. I need to know what I need to do since the case has been transferred to AZ for months and we have a mediation date and another trial date set. (8%)

I am the obligor. My child support payment has been reduced by $ 790 a month, retroactive to 4 months ago. How do I get back the money my ex-wife has been over-paid over the four month period ? (8%)

My husband and I lived in Pima county, I moved out and now live in Maricopa Co. What reuirements do I have to meet to esablish residency in Maricopa so I can file for divorce here? (8%)

my grandaughter is 15 yrs, unmarried and had a baby. the father is also 15 and unemployed. Is he or his parents lrgally responsible for child support. How do we proceed? (8%)

Is there a form to amend a divorce petition i am filing for an annulment but i made a mistake and it turned into a request for divorce judge said i needed to file an amendment (8%)

I have been divorced from my wife since 1996 and have Joint custody of our only child. She was named as primary residence and I was ordered to pay child support. My son has been living with me for the past seven years and my ex-wife has given back my child support that is taken from my check every month since then. We both wish to stop this as it has become a hassle and neither wishes to pay child support. What forms do I need to stop this. (8%)

How can I turn my ex over to the dead beat parent program? He refuses to pay his child support and owes around 36k (8%)

You may want to look to the Superior Court

I have been told that is a mother and father of a child come to an agreement on custody, child support and other issues pertaining to the child that they can write it out sign it notarize it and it is legal and will hold up in court. Is this true? (8%)

I want to file for grandparents rights for my two grandkids. what papers do i need to file and can i do it myseld because I do have a limited income (8%)

What are Conciliation Services? (8%)
Conciliation Services is a program of the Superior Courts in Arizona and was established after the A

The mother left me off of the birth certificate and now I would like to petition for a paternity test and look into getting parenting time. I was wondering what documents I would need to file at the court and if a trial, where she and I were both in a courtroom in front of a judge, was imminent, or if the court would bring us both in to a judge in an office to discuss things. If we were brought into an office would lawyers be allowed or strictly she and I? Also, what if I file a parenting time petition and the mother does not agree to it? Could the judge agree to it without her consent or? (8%)

how old is a child before he or she can speak for themselves about who they want and don't want to visit (8%)

Can an order for sole custody be changed if it was granted to the father a year ago? (8%)

Either parent may request in writing that the court modify a custody order. To change an existing

I have joint legal and physical custody of my daughter (12). The access schedule we agreed to equals exactly 50/50 physical custody. Because of my work schedule (2:30-11:00pm M-F), my current wife and family members pick my daughter up from school and care for her in the evenings during the week. My question is, would a judge penalize me for not being the one physically with her during those times when figuring child support? (8%)

how do i request for joint custody? if i pay child support and the mother of my children does not let me see my kids at all (8%)

my unwed son has 2year old that we have been sharing custody with the mothers parents.niether parent of child can take care of him so we share the responsibility. the mother and father have a drug problem and her parents now feel it is not safe for the child to be here.reason being because we knew of their daughters problem and did not tell them can we get that joint custody back again (8%)

I am wanting to divorce my husband who is currently incarcerated. His parental rights were severed by the courts and I have full custody of our only son. How does this change what documents I need to be filed and how he is able to respond ? (8%)

What is the definition of Conservatorship? Consent of parent to conservatorship of a minor child and waiver of notice. (8%)

A conservator is person appointed by a court to manage the property

my children live in Arizona with there father and I live in Washington, I would like to have my children's side of things taken into consideration when we go back to court, what do I need to do to make that happen. (8%)

I have been ordered to pay support but cannot due to staying home with other child. There has been a warrant issued for my arrest, what do i do? (8%)
My daughter is being evaluated in preparation for a competency hearing. Her French husband filed for divorce three weeks ago. If she is declared incompetent, can the divorce proceed? (8%)

If my ex-husband owes back support, and now our daughter is living with him, does he still owe the back support, and do I need to start paying support to him? (8%)

My ex-wife has custody of my dauther and has filed a petition with the court to take her out of the state? What is my defense to keep her here. (7%)

First, begin by looking at any past court orders or agreements, to see if anything has been agree

is there any way for me to file child support and not have to pay for it because i don't have the money to pay and if not how much will it cost for all the filing fee? (7%)

I live in Missouri, I have been paying child support on my son faithfully, in fact, I have overpaid app $5000! Two ?'s, one-how do I go about filing a petition to end child support(was due to end May 31, 2011-recently found out I have to petition the court first), second-am I entitled to my overage to be repaid? My son is 18 and doesnt live with his mother anymore. (7%)

If the biological father pay for childcare costs only, does that give him the right to claim our child on federal taxes? (we have no court orders established) (7%)

What is a status hearing and how does it work in Superior Court? (7%)

I've been served by the non-custodial parent for joint custody and modification of support. How do I file a response? I have 20 days and I don't know which form to use. (7%)

What avenues can a mother take if the father ignores a Child Support srving from DCSE? (7%)

Where do I find the forms to file to move my kids out of state (custody) (7%)

I have had my two children since our devorice in 2007 I have had not child support and stop paying the mother spousel maintainance, she has seen the kids for about 1 to 2 hours a week and sometimes has them for a day, I want full legal custody and support what is my legal course to take, my kids are 13 and 16 (7%)

I got "married" at age seventeen to, (unknown to me at the time), a person who was in the country illegally. He was a permanant resident who had his residency pulled after recieving three felonies two years prior to our marriage. He was arrested and deported again four years ago. I was to annul the marriage, and also make sure I legally have full custody of our two children. Where do I start? (7%)
-Generally, for annulment, the Superior Court may dissolve a marriage, and may adjudge (declare) a m

Who do I file a complaint with if I have not received my security deposit or any statments within 14 days? (7%)

I had my daughter 2 months ago and allowed my, then boyfriend, to sign stating that he was the baby's father. His name is on the birth certificate but we have since found out that he is not the baby's father. What do I have to do to get his name off the birth certificate now. We are no longer together and the biologicial father wants to be on the birth certificate. What do I have to do? (7%)


How do I apply to change my visitation rights to see my children? I am court ordered to them on specific days but, I am not able to see them on those days. I want to know how to go about revising my visitation rights where do I start and how do I do it? (7%)

A parent may request to change a court order establishing visitation (also known as “

i need direction in finding a class were i can take for reinterduction so that i may see my children (7%)

I have been to court already about my children and was ordered not to pay child support. The father of my children filed for cash assistance and now DES says that i owe $8000 in back child support and he will be receiving $400 a month from me. is that even possible for DES to go over the final court decision? (7%)
DES cannot "go over a court decision," but child support decrees are rarely "final&qu

My severely disabled (non verbal, non ambulatory) 20 year old son’s health status has declined to the point that his mom and I have agreed not to take any extraordinary intervention. He is being followed at home by Hospice of the Valley. We are being challenged by the treating hospitals to produce a medical POA to recovery his medical records. Given his current medical status the possibility of him surviving more than a couple of weeks are doubtful. Is there an easy and inexpensive way to get guardianship of him and should we? (7%)


I am a single mother of 6 children. 4 of them belong to my first husband and the baby belongs to my last husband but the next to youngest does not have any contact with her father. He does not want to have anything to do with her. I have joint legel custody of all of the other children and would like to know what my mother can do to retain that custody or have legal visitation for herself should something happen to me, and become the legal guardian of my next to youngest child since she will have no one else to turn to? (7%)

My children's father is a registered sex offender, and was awarded supervised visitation in May 2009. He paid for two visits in July 2009. As of September 25, he has three warrants out for his arrest and is considered an absconder. He is running from authorities. I would like to make the family court aware of the situation and change the supervised visitation that was awarded in May 2009. What steps should I take? How do I Petition the court for a status conference? (7%)

We are parents of a defiant & verbally aggressive & threatening 15 year old. A recent conflict ended with me as his adoptive stepdad giving him the choice to either work on better behavior or we would need to find alternate living for him. He chose to leave the house and is staying at various friends houses. What obligations do we as parents have to ensure a safe living environment and can we legally force him to return home? (7%)

I and my family will be moving to AZ from Alaska late fall 2011 . I have current child support order against my ex-husband who owes over $18K in child support. He hasnt complied at all with the court order of support in AK. Can I move my child support case from AK to AZ? Will I still be able to get cash assistance, WIC and other public help in AZ with a open court order child support on my ex? (7%)

The mother of my grandson was asked to leave her parents home because of drugs. They told her that she could leave her two sons their or take them with her and she chose to leave them there. This is a continual problem. My son , the father was into drugs but is now clean and has a job. How can I (we) get custody? Please help!! (7%)

My daughter, received garnishment papers from her employer from an apartment she defaulted on. She was never notified of any garnishment by the collection agency; she was never served or summoned to court regarding the debt. Do they have to notify her before obtaining a garnishment? (7%)

My ex is not complying with the courts order for visitation. I am supposed to see my child every other weekend and this hasn't ever happened since my divorce was final in Aug of '06. Is there anything legal I can do about my situation. (7%)

It is a serious matter to disobey a court order and the proper procedure if an order cannot be fo

How do I get proction for my grandchilden when my son girl freind can provide a home for them. Son is in jail. we have guardianship of there first child do to drug abuse by monther. She is now living with a cousin and her family along with her sister and there family in one home. (7%)

How do I get my Atlas number? (7%)

You may want to review the frequently asked q

my ex filed for a order of protection and was granted it against me for him and my kids the year is now up and i need to know how to get my babies back i tried to file to get the order dropped but could not get to the courthouse to do it now i havent seen my kids in 12 months please help (7%)

Based on the information you have provided, it appears you wish to have a court order modified re

My exhusband has just been charged with a DUI while my son was in his car. I have a domestic violence conviction against him 3 years ago. He was recently kicked off our son's baseball team as their coach for hitting another child. I have shared (50/50) parenting time and custody. I want to get full custody. I don't know if the courts will give it to me. I don't have the money to spend on full fledged attorney. What are your thoughts.... (7%)

Decisions about child custody are determined by the court based on the facts before the court and

i have a assault - touching with intent to injur charge and managed to miss my court date wich was on wed.Called today and they issued a warrent misdereanor but also have a 500.00 bond how do i take care of tis without going to jail ????? (7%)


Where cam I find online "Respondent" forms for a dissolution of marriage petition? (7%)

I am a resident of Maricopa County in the state of Arizona. I am the legal father of a child by default and not the biological father. There was never a blood test performed by the court to establish paternity. This is an out-of-wedlock child who is now 12 years old and I was never married to the child's mother. I have been paying child support for this child for 12 years. I want to file a motion to disprove paternity and request that the judge order a DNA test since the mother will not cooperate with genetic testing. Since the paternity judgment, I have received information that at the time of conception the mother had engaged in a sexual relationship with another man who was actually her fiance. Do I have the right to reopen and challenge the paternity declaration against me if a post declaration genetic test shows that I am not the biological father? (7%)

can i get child support for my adopted daughter from my husband (7%)

My daughter has left her husband of 9 years and moved in with an abusive man. I am her father and had been her 3 year old son's full time sitter for his whole life. Now the father is not providing visitation for me. What forms do I need to petition for grandparent visitation. (7%)

My 15 year old daughter moved back to live with me just over a year ago. My ex and I went to court to change custody and he was awarded 57 days of visitation. I drive my daughter 5 hours to where he lives so she has the opportunity to see him. She does not want to stay at his house because his new wife is verbally and emotionally abusive. He always knows when she is in town and he refuses to see her if she doesn't stay at his house. Do I have to force her to stay with him if I know what she has to go through there? Am I in contempt of court if I do not force her to stay at his house? (7%)

I would not recommend violating *any* court orde

I would like to change the name of my daughter and remove my ex's last name. I also want full custody of my daughter. Is there legal aid that isn't costly. (7%)

How do I file an amendment to my response for custody and child support, I would like to add that i want to discuss arrearages of child support and 1/2 med exp owed by father. (7%)

I currently have joint custody of my children in which I have them 50% of the time. My ex-wife and I do not agree on which schools our children should attend, and our paperwork states that neither of us can make the final decision. An attorney had told me that if we have tried mediation with conciliation services (which we have tried), then the next step would be to file a motion for school determination. My question is: how do you go about doing that? I do not see forms that seem to pertain to this. Thanks! (7%)

how can i file for child support (7%)

where do i go to find information on parenting classes (7%)

how can i file for full custody of my son if the father will not take the DNA test and lives in another state.he has been served his papers to take the test. (7%)

I recently had another child with my current wife. I have 2 children with my ex wife I would like to modify my child support since I have another child in my life which is the correct form to fill out and can I do this without going to court being that I live in a diffrent state than my ex and kids? (7%)

I have recently filed a petition to move out of state with my 2 yr old son. His father and I divorced when he was 1 yr old. I have my sons only sibling and have been his primary care taker since birth. I am remarried and expecting a child. My husband is stationed in the military. Everything I read makes me feel like I will have to relocate with out my son and that the courts favor with the non-moving parent. What is the likely hood of the courts making me leave him given the circumstances, and will they really separate siblings who have been together? (7%)

Can your wages been garnished without you being informed by the party that is garnishing your wages. (7%)

I understand that if my husband CLAIMS he does not know my current address that all he has to do is post something that he has filed for divorce in the newspapers legal section,how can I find out if he has filed or not? I do not trust him. (7%)

My Ex decided that I could have our two boys for the school year. As for the clild support she was to be giving me the whole amount back, but she seems to have an excusse every week. Now she wants to take them home back to AZ in December (we are in Sacramento)and have them go to school there. what can i do, when none of this is through the court system. The boys have come along way since they have been here. (7%)

If divorce papers state that house to be sold, but wife will not sell it, what can be done? (7%)

You can petition the court to ask that the order be enforced.  The court will typically then

i am going thru a divorce and received an amendment to the divorce. he is trying to get full physical and legal custody of my kids. can he do that? (7%)

How long do I need to run an ad in the newspaper to get a divorce? (7%)

How does my daughter whos children I have custody of,file a petition to regain custody of her children (7%)

i have lived with my grandparents since i was 13. The reason of that is because my dad was abusive so they took me out of his house and put me with my grandparents. I am now 16 and want my licsense but my dad still has all of his parental rights. I want to know if i can take all his custody over me away from him. my grandpa is too scared to go to court against there anyway i can?? (7%)

In our Divorce Decree, my ex is ordered to make payments to me every month for the Equity from our home and property. He has been late in his payments half of the time; sent a NSF check or only partial payment. I accepted the payment plan because he said he wanted to keep the house, and was unable to get a loan for the amount he would owe. The total amount he would owe me is only $21,000.00. Is there anything I can do to have the Decree changed so that he has to pay the balance to me in a lump-sum now? (7%)
This is a situation that must be resolved by a Family Court judge, since the dispute is over payment

I have children who have been in private school for the last 7 years. Their father and I are getting divorced. Is he obligated to continue paying for private school expenses? The children have never attended public schools and now their dad is saying that he should not have to pay for the schooling and they should be withdrawn from the private schools. The age range is from 8-12 years old. With thanks. (7%)
The family law judge will often weigh all of the available factors (e.g. respective parental incomes

COULD you please tell me the first steps in removing guardianship from the grand parents who have my son. I would appreciate this very much (7%)
For information regarding on-line forms that can be filed with the Superior Court concerning guardia

I am currently expecting a baby. The father of my baby left me when I was 7 months, but has stated he wants to be in the baby's life. He is a habitual marijuana smoker, heavy drinker, and the people he surrounds himself with are not the kind of influences I want around my child. He moved in with his mom, who keeps a very dirty house and has been in and out of the hospital with MRSA for the last couple of years. I do not feel like he can provde a safe and stable environment for my daughter. He believes he will get joint custody. What actions do I need to take to ensure this does not happen? (7%)
When deciding custody, the court will definitely take into consideration the child's well-being. A

My boyfriend of 25years past 2012. The family told me to get a apprasel for jewerly I purchased him in chicago. After I did this I was told they are keeping the money. Also I purchased most all of the furniture in the home.CAn I protest the will which is in probate. Do I have any standing to do this.? Thanks (7%)
AZLawHelp Question 21796 Refer to the link below from the Superior Court of Maricopa County regardin

I share joint custody of my son with my ex husband. We agreed to a parenting schedule at the time of our divorce 2 yrs ago. Now, I'm engaged and will need to modify the parenting schedule. Can my ex prevent me from moving 100 miles away to live with my new husband when our original order read "must remain 25 miles or less". I have a job lined up as well. How much notice do I need to give to move with our son to our new home?(I have physical custody) (7%)

my wife asked me to leave the house 9 months ago. We now live in 2 different counties. She is very controlling of the time that i can spend with my daughter. So, I would like to go to court in order to let them set up some sort of visitation with my daughter for me, something more concrete than just my ex's wims and how she's feeling on the days I want to see my daughter. How do I go about filing for visitation rights. Please help- I am missing my daughter terribly and I know I should be able to see her. Thank You (7%)

I have a dughter who i want custody of, her grandmother says she has custody. Grandmother says that her daughter, amanda gave up her rights to our daughter. I was in prison while this was going on and they told judge they didnt know where i was. anyway, her environment is very bad for her. I have a fiance of 3 years and decided i dont care if my daughter hates me and doesnt want to live with me i cant continue to let her live like she is. it is not good for her well being. how do i get a hold of documents to find out who has custody and if mom gave up all rights? mom is in jail now. (7%)

-Generally, by visiting the local court they can help a parent look up any case information relat

how to file divorce papers myself (7%)

What to do with an exwife that has not followed the judge orders on the separation of goods after the divorece was done. She is still taking money from my account,she has taken things from my home, how can I get her out of my life and make her return all the money and goods she has taken afte the divorce? (7%)

Your question presents a mix of legal issues, some of which do not really involve family law. Fir

If my ex wife is now making more money than i am and we share joint custody of my daughter, do I have to continue paying the same amount if any child support. I was paying 535 a month but was making 2000 a month now i'm lucky if i even make 500 a month and can barely keep a roof over my head and food in the fridge-i get food stamps but she take half or all of that too. (7%)

The judge ordered: IT IS ORDERED that both parties shall participate in co-parenting classes through Parenting Skills. Is this the same class I completed and filed a certificate for on 9/30/2011 PEC - Parent Education Certificate? If so, am I required to take it again? Does an online course comply with Maricopa Superior Family courts requirements? If not, since the place in Scottsdale given to me at court on 09/12/13 no longer does the class where on the West side (Peoria/Glendale) can I go to comply with this order? (7%)

In Arizona what educational decisions are covered under Joint Legal & Physical Custody Major Decisions? (7%)

I have been charged with child neglect in Pima County and am scared to death about what may happen at the court date! Two incidents have been recorded...the twins broke the lock on the back door and ran out of the apt, were picked up by a neighbor 5 mintues later and taken to the apt complex office - #2 was a call made stating that the children were unattended to for over an hour outside (which is not true) - advice on how to handle the court date? (7%)
Decisions about child custody are determined by the court based on the facts before the court and wh

what forms do i need to file for a response to modification of custody. what format do i use to put together the forms. (7%)

You may want to check with your local superior court's self service center to see if they have a

My ex-wife and I are having trouble agreeing on where our son can/should attend school. He is 9 years old and currently attends a private christian school, but wants to go to public school with his step-sisters and neighborhood friends in the fall. My ex is avoiding the discussion of our son changing schools. My ex and I have joint physical and legal custody. What steps do I need to take in order to address this issue with the courts? (7%)

If a parent is in the military and their legal state of residence is Arizona, and so was the spouses and children at time of filing, wouldn't that give Arizona jurisdiction for child custody? Even if neither person had lived in Arizona for the past 11 yrs? Parent filing at the time was stationed overseas, but has since moved back to the states. The other parent (who has the children) resides in Kentucky, but at the time was not a legal resident of Kentucky. (7%)

Keep in mind that family law is a particularly complicated area of the law. Having one party in t

My husband is filing for a divorce, and wants me to hurry and sign the Waiver of Service. Which I take it to mean that I'm acknowledging that I was served and nothing more. Is this correct? If I sign this acknowledgment will it affect my divorce in any way? (7%)

Rule 40(F) of the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure states, "The person to whom a summon

I filed for divorce 6yrs ago paid all that money and they say i am still married. My Husband has moved back to morrocco and i dont know how to find him. havent seen him in 6yrs how do i get a divorce from him if i cant find him? (7%)

My ex wife and I share joint custody. I have since remarried and have another child. I will have my child from my first marriage while my ex is deployed. I told her that he would be spending a few weeks with his brother at his grandparents house from my marriage now. She responded with she is giving her Mom her custodial rights while she is gone and has threatened to have me banned from letting them spend time without me around with his Grandparents from my current marriage because they are not blood relatives. Can she do this and if so what can I do. (7%)

My 22 year old son, who is on probation, will not move out of the house. He does not pay rent and there is no lease agreement. How do we evict? (7%)

f I have a 10yr old son ,the father has never been in his life. I do not ask for child support.I want to get full custody rights. Whats the process that i need to take? (7%)

How are adoption subsidies and monthly disability benefits treated in calculating child suppoort? My friend's wife refuses to provide him with any information as to these items and he is trying to put together his petition for dissolution. He is afraid that even if these monthly payments total more than his monthly gross income, he will be ordered to pay both spousal maintenance and child support. She also refuses to discuss joint custody. (7%)

I and my children's father have been divorced for several years. The children are very comfortable with my boyfriend and I trust him explicitly. Recently, one of the children was injured at school. Administration attempted to contact me, but I was unavailable, as was my ex. My boyfriend is listed as an emergency contact but has no decision making rights over the kids. Can I afford him POA to make those decisions without the consent of my ex? (7%)

my daughter is somewhere in phoenix and I dont know where I live in showlow and I have her daughter,my granddaughter with me i need to get temporary guardianship of her for medical coverage to update her shots and my daughter already had two children taken by CPS where do I find the paperwork to fill out? (7%)

Who do you contact to see if there is a child support order against you? Is there an online search engine by name or SSN? (7%)

Me and my ex were never married. and he lives in Kansas. i need to file for child support. who do i file with Kansas or Arizona. (7%)

how do i transfer my current family court case from maricopa county to pima county where i have lived for over 3 yrs (7%)

my family and i rented a house recently(like 3 weeks ago). the house it turns out was rented to us illegally, the house is in foreclosure and we where informed by the glendale police department on thursday that we had to be out by 7am on monday morning. due to the fact that the landlord is under investigations for fraud. now i dont no what to do. dont we have to go through a court process or something before we have to leave? please can u help r give me any advice? (7%)

I have filed for a legal separation and want to drop it, can this be done? I have filed the acceptance papers, and my husband has not responded yet. we are trying to work out our problems and not ready for a divorce. How do I go about rescinding the filing? (7%)

My husband has been gone for eight years. I have no idea where he is. Do I still have to find him to serve a divorce? We have minor children together. The child support he has paid has been speratic. (7%)
According to the I am getting remarried and the date is not on one of "my days" according to our current parenting plan. OF COURSE I want my sons standing with me, how do I modify our plan for this one time special event? (7%)
A temporary order can only be used if the child is in danger, or a final court order has not been es

My ex-wife has stopped paying on the car and credit cards agreed upon in the divorce decree. My name is still on those items and I am afraid it is going to effect my credit. What can I do? (6%)
This is complicated issue, and depends greatly on how the court phrased the various responsibilities

My son and his former girlfriend have a 2 year old daughter. Paternity has been established. The girlfriend has been gone for over 2 weeks- she left the baby with the maternal grandmother. Does my son have a legal right to go and get his daughter. We now live in Georgia. (6%)

I need names ADDED to filed certificates, not changed. There are no court order forms for this as required by the Office of Vital Records (R9-114 thru R9-118) This set of twins only needs to add given names, not change their surnames. The forms available are not accurate for this situation and cannot be used without major adjustments. Need these certificates immediately for plane travel requiring ID. HELP (6%)

My ex husband has not been paying childsupport since march 2009 due to losing his job. How can I get him to pay back childsupport-or file for it. and if i dont know my Atlas number who can I call to get it (6%)

We hired a lawyer to file court papers to stop foreclosure. He did not file in time but He said he called bank and they said they would wait 1 more week to foreclose because our lawyer needed more time. The bank did not wait and foreclosed anyways (of course) our lawyer did not file proper paper work for that he just called the bank and they said ok Now we are losing our house and don't know who to get help from. We have paid thousands to these lawyers and are waiting to see if appeals court will take our case. We did what were suppose to do they did not Have lived here 31yrs. who can help (6%)