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Life Care Planning Packet (Advanced Directives), Information and Documents from the Arizona Attorney General (62%)
Highlighted Summary: The Arizona Office

Financial Assistance for Immigrants who are Seniors (44%)
Highlighted Summary:

Housing Options for Seniors (44%)
Highlighted Summary:

Care Alternatives (39%)
Highlighted Summary:

Health Insurance after Retirement (34%)
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The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) (31%)
Highlighted Summary: The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) is Arizona

AHCCCS Informational Brochures (31%)
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Arizona Health Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) Eligibility Manual (31%)
Highlighted Summary: Care Cost Containment System Hiring Help in the Home (27%)
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Medicare (26%)
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The Importance of Assigning a Medical Power of Attorney (26%)
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A health care power of attorney, also known as a health care

Medigap (19%)
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AHCCCS Health Plans (17%)
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Jobs Program For People Who Receive Cash Assistance (17%)
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The Family Medical Leave Act (16%)
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Supplemental Security Income and Cash Assistance (16%)
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Employment and Seniors (16%)
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Elder Abuse and its Effects (13%)
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The Food Stamp Program: Income and Deductions (11%)
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Things You Should Know about Custody and Parenting Time (11%)
Highlighted Summary: When parents separate or divorce, care for the children must continue. If the parents cannot

Staying in Charge of Your Future (11%)
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Buying a Used Car - Dealer Sales (10%)
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Arizona Resources for Seniors (8%)
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Directives and Ways to Avoid Financial Exploitation (8%)
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Parent Education Classes (8%)
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Mohave County Resources for Domestic Violence (8%)
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National Resources for Seniors (8%)
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Covenant Marriage in Arizona (7%)
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New Automobile Buying Tips (7%)
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Child Support in Arizona (5%)
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Tips for a Successful Client-Attorney Relationship (5%)
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Domestic Violence Survivor's Guide (4%)
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St. Elizabeth of Hungary Clinic (72%)

Catholic Community Services in Western Arizona (63%)

Catholic Community Services in Southeastern Arizona (51%)


Do I need long-term care insurance? (72%)

It depends on your situation - your health, financial resources and arrangements for future care,

Where can I get A template to revise my Living Trust & Power of Attorney? (67%)
Templates and information about life care planning can be found on the Can I request "in-home" assistance thru AHCCCS? We are in need of assistance for someone with mild Alheimer's as reminders for taking medicine and for personal health & safety a few hours a day. Is this possible thru AHCCCS? (59%)

By law at what age can a minor be left alone (59%)

Our living will was updated for the state of California; should it be updated for Arizona since this is our primary residence? (55%)
Under Arizona law, a health care directive is a document that is drafted to deal with a person&rsquo

As a veteran, am I entitled to additional health benefits? (50%)

As a veteran, you may be eligible for health care services at more than 50 medical centers

Where can I get more information about Medicare and my various health care options? (50%)

At what age is it illegal to leave a child alone (50%)

Do you have to file your power of attorney paperwork with the county recorder for it to be legal and final. (50%)

If you are approved for kinship benefits how much money do you get. (48%)

i am looking for a medical power of attorney, that i can print on sign over to my daughters. (48%)

Information and life planning forms can be found on the What eyecare providers in az. except ahccs? (48%)

Can a sister who has power of attorney,request that the assistant living facility where our elderly mother resides, take my name(mother's son) off of the emergency / hospital notification list? What is the legal procedure to get this reversed? (43%)


I am alone in the whole world. It is just my senior dog, and I, who is a senior as well. How can I plan ahead, since I can not afford paying for a living will, and what is going to happen when I die being by myself? Thank you. (42%)

The Arizona Office

My dad is 63 and early retiring. is there a share a cost out there for him. he is a diabetic and needs insurance? please help.. (42%)

As a senior citizen your father may be eligible for financial assistance with his health care

Is a feeding tube considered aritifical means of staying alive (42%)

There is nothing in the Arizona statutes that directly addresses feeding tubes. End of Life Care

Does the Family Medical Leave Act cover taking time off for an in-law that needs help for medical care? (42%)

How do I apply online for AHCCCS? (41%)

AHCCCS, or Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, is Arizona's Medicaid agency that offers

What if a customer is not willing to provide reasonable accommodations for an illness or disability? Who can you contact? (41%)

I was laid off from my job in December 2011. I was being treated for a work related injury. I will require surgey from my injury and im on Worksmans Comp. I need to get health insurance. I cant afford Cobra and looking to see if there is any gov. assistance? (41%)
The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) has the AHCCCS for Families, the AHCCCS

My husbands brother has a grandaughter in care he already has full custody of two grandchildren and cannot take the grandaughter could his brother apply to take her to his house (41%)

There is a Kinship Foster Care Program administered by the Department of Economic Security

What is the Family and Medical Leave Act? (39%)

Can a younger person live with me in an age-restricted senior housing development? (39%)

I'm buying my mobile home but I rent my space, and where I rent they want information on my boyfriend that might start living with me, is this required even though it is my own home? (39%)

You should carefully read you rental agreement about your landlord's policy about guests

Is it legal to sell meat without the weight and cost per pound identified? (39%)

how does a niece obtain death certificate, or to take care of aunts estate (39%)

Can you file for joiny custody if the child is not your? The child was a step child. (39%)
Carefully review, Arizona Revised Statutes, I have an adult handicapped daughter who lives alone and has been put in hospital for emergency care several times for severely neglecting herself;refusing to eat or receive help or care from family. She is paralyzed with Spina Bifida, mentally ill, and suicidal. Presently in hospital for her neglect.I am her mother.She needs long term care but refuses/How can I do it legally? (39%)

If your daughter cannot take care of her physical needs by herself, you may want to consider

What do we as landlords need to include in an eviction letter?  (39%)
Carefully review, ARS § 33-136

I am my mother's caregiver. She is 87 years old and requires me to be home 24/7. I cannot get a job because of this situation. Is there compensation for me as a caregiver through her health benefit plan, medicare or some other avenue. I am glad to be her caregiver but it has put a strain on us financially. Thank you. (39%)
Each insurance policy is different, although a typical health care policy does not include "in

does Ahcccs include vision eye exams? (39%)

AHCCCS (the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System) provides vision exams and glasses

How do I get emergency dental (39%)
The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS, pronounced "

My father-in-law just got approved for AHCCCS. He had originally signed up for Humana so wondering if he can still use the Humana? (39%)
The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) is Arizona's Medicaid program. To find out

i filed fair hearing request on oct 10 via upload to healthearizona des did not submit it til nov 15th should i file another one for untimeliness processing my fair hearing request (39%)

we are fighting to get our child back from foster care. why do I have to pay child support if we plan on getting her back? (39%)

Does FMLA cover my grand-child who was placed with me by Tribal CPS? CPS is her temporary guardian but I was given authority to sign for services for her (38%)

I've heard that you can use FMLA "days' for various reason such as PTSD, Migraines and such. Is this true/valid? I don't see this sort of description under the act itself.If covered under this I heard you were protected for one year where you cannot be fired for taking various days off due to a short term illness. (37%)

My daugher and ex boyfriend are the parent of my grandson 8. They were both addicts, my daughter 2 years ago hit the wall and ended up go to rehab and has been sober 2 years now he is still in drugs undocumented dealer, since becoming sober she has paid for his life/health ins thru BCBS now his father has gone an gotten AHCCCS where can I report him for fraud? (34%)

can a car dealership repossess my car and return my money because they feel they gave me more for my trade in than what it was worth? (34%)
Please carefully read the following article on

I am a stepparent. My husband's ex indicated that I can not sign permission slips for the kids to attend school field trips. I checked with the district and they said I could as long as my husband agreed. I always send a copy of the permission slip to his ex (she has never provided the same courtesy to my husband). I want to do what is right and legal. May I continue to sign permissions slips and pay for field trips or must my husband sign these slips? (34%)

My brother has been diagnosed with stage IV cancer. Both our parents have passed away. Can I take a leave of absence under the FMLA to care for him? Would a personal leave of absence cover this situation? (34%)

I have more than 10 years seniority in my job. I was on a family leave for 6 weeks last year . This summer my boss denied my request for 10 days off saying that I was already too much off work. Can he do that?. I think he wants me to resign. If I do will I be eligible for unemployment compensation? (34%)

If you are a miner can they arrest you without notifying the parents and can they detain you without giving you a phone call (34%)

I would like to have assistance with filling out advance directives. Can you help? (34%)

I obtained a legal guardianship of my grandchild in California, but now my grandchild and I have moved to Arizona. I want to file a Registration of Foriegn Order. What information do I use to fill in the form where it says "Statute Reference"? How do I file the form once it is complete? (34%)

I am a resident of California on SSDI, Medi-Cal and Medi-Care. I may move my residence to Flagstaff Arizona. Will I be elegable for medical insurance AHCCCS once I have declared residency in Arizona? What are the income limitations to qualify for AHCCCS? (34%)

being a niece, how do i get a death certificate to take care of my aunts estate (34%)

i will be 65 in july, just retired on ss, was paying child support through my payrole, had ssbenefits for my 3 children in the amount of 204.oo each, child support was 600.00throughpayrole, ex wants me to pay even more from my 856.00 a month, can she get this? (34%)

Carefully review the Arizona Child Support Guidelines.  It addresses how child support

I recently purchsed a used boat and plan on suing the seller for breach of contract by material misrepresentation. He lives in Pinal County, I live in Maricopa County. The physical transaction occurred in Maricopa County, however the negotiations occurred over the internet. Can I file the claim in Maricopa County small claims court and have him served in Pinal County, or do I have to file in the county where he lives? (34%)
Carefully read ARS § 33-1370. If a person is self employed, what income value should the person use to calculate child support? (34%)

Carefully review the When completing the living will, does this have to be recorded in the county clerks office in order for it to stand? thanks (34%)

I am not currently working and haven't for 5 year because I was the homemaker. I'm getting a divorce and since child support requires you put you make a min. of 1255.70 a month can I also put in how much day care will be for my 2 sons even if they are not in day care yet, but will be when I find a job? When entering day care in the child support agreement child support goes up a lot and I know eventually it will be used. I just am not sure if they will allow me to put that in there. If I have to put I make money, shouldn't I be required to add in child care too? (34%)

Is there a list of optometrist that take Ahcccs in Tucson Az? (34%)

What is the Statute of Limitations on a bench warrant? There was one issued in 2003 against my cousin. Is it still valid? What legal steps do we take to get it taken care of? (34%)

I have been advised that there may be a warrant out for my arrest in Pima Cty... how do I find out for sure without making myself available for arrest? (34%)

hoe di i renew my application for benifits (34%)

Can AHCCCS insurance be given to an emancipated minor? (34%)

Does ahcccs provide counseling services for minor children? I feel that my children are having a difficult time with their father being incarcerated. (34%)
The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) provides members I have a Health Care Advance Directive from another state. Some of my friends say it is valid, others no. I suspect it is really up to the local hospital/doctor whether to honor it. Can you tell me if there is an AZ law that REQUIRES hospital/doctor to follow it? If so, can you tell me the law (statue??) that applies so I can refer to it if necessary? Thank you (34%)

I moved into a student housing complex where I was matched with 3 roommates. I filled out a questionnaire to match me with roommates where I noted no pets. Upon moving in I discovered my roommates had 2 cats, I have never had an allergy to cats. Within 5 days of moving in I had to go to urgent care where I was diagnosed with Allergies. Now I have to take medication daily to keep the headaches under control. I notified my leasing office and they are not willing to do anything about it. Is there anything I can do? There is nothing in the lease agreement about that. (34%)

how many months do one has to wait to reapply for ALTCS, if you have been denied and you are now in Hospice, awaiting salvation. Also, does the Nursing Home Care Reform Act of 1987 is still effective and can a skilled nursing facility force a relative or family member to take you in if all your Medicaid/Medicare benefit days have been exhausted and the facility corporate office has threaten to issue a 30 day notice to evict? Thanks (34%)

Does payor have the right to claim child on taxes if he is past due on child support? (34%)

i have a assault - touching with intent to injur charge and managed to miss my court date wich was on wed.Called today and they issued a warrent misdereanor but also have a 500.00 bond how do i take care of tis without going to jail ????? (34%)

I planned to utilize 12 weeks of FMLA for the birth and care of my baby. However, the doctor will only allow me 6-8 weeks and then considers me "fit to return to work". The pediatrician cannot give me an addition an excuse for the care of my baby - unless the baby is sick. Legally, can my employer require me to return to work when my doctor says that I am able? How can I extend my leave to 12 weeks? (34%)

my daughter is on dialysis and I have filled out an fmla @ work in case I have to take time off to care for her. They are wanting to change my hours which will conflict with my daughters dialsis. I don't go with her but I do care for her daughter so she may have her treatments as well as preparing dinner for both of them because she is too tired when she gets home. my question is will the fmla protect me against them changing my hours so I can continue providing care for my grandaughter so my daughter can get the treatments she needs (34%)

Does a notorized statement overide a power of attorney (34%)

In 2005, I had double strokes which left me unable to walk, memory loss,or to feed myself. My youngester daughter always took care of me. During that time I lived by myself in my home. My only son volunteered to stay with me in my home and take care of me. He lied to me in Dec. '06 and made me sign over the title of my home. He no longer wanted to take care of me so he told my oldest daughter to take me for the weekend while he changed the locks to my home. My oldest daughter then took me to my grandaughter's home and left me there. Now I am living with my youngest daughter and want my home back. I was in no mental condition to know what was going on, I trusted my only son. (34%)

fmla for granchild with costidy (34%)

My son was was recently taken from his father by CPS because he was suspected of substance abuse and unable to provide proper care. I'm the mother and was incarcerated at the time. CPS placed my son temporarily with his fraternal grandmother. I was released on Saturday so i have to wait for mMonday to contact CPS. Is there any reason why my son shouldn't be home with me? Would I be hurting my case if I showed up and brought my son home myself? (34%)

 6 days ago my daughter was removed from my care, no complaint of abuse or neglect of any kind was made. She was removed from my care due to the fact that I have a diagnosis of PTSD. Once I was diagnose with that I enrolled in counseling. I have been doing that for 7 months now every week. My psychiatrist and therapist both state that I am not a danger to myself or to my child however CPS claims that she cant in my custody. No legal action has been taken, nor have their been any court orders, but they claim that I can only be with her under supervision and cannot spend the night with her. (34%)

My mother is 89 & recieved notice of a civil suit being filed against her for a debt. She has dimensia and severe memory loss. The court & rules state she must file an answer, or an att., which she cannot afford. I have durable power of att., but court said i can't file for her. She is incompetent to deal with most anything these days. Help please? (34%)

I was adopted at the age of 13 from Russia. My adopted American parents were abusive. At the age of 18 I left home. I have been homeless living with friends as I finished my high school diploma. I have not been able to pay anyone for living at their home. I have started community college full time, two of my classes are not college accredited as I was educationally deprive and have to catch up to take Eng. 101 and college math. I spend more time studying than the average student as English is my second language. I work 8 hours a week at a clothing store. I just started caring for a 90 year old lady, more than 20 hours per week, in exchange for a place to study & sleep. DES says I need to work 20 hours a week to get food stamps. Would my caring of the 90 year old count as working even though I do not get paid? (34%)

What is Medicare? (32%)

I'm a grandma raising 3 granddaughters while my daughter and their dad is in prison am I eligable for cash benifits (32%)

Can I take a leave of absence for a school year (I'm a teacher) to take care of my father according to FMLA? (30%)

What are rules for Medicaid recipients with regard to the other spouses rights? I'm planning for if I would have to go to a Nursing Home. (29%)

The state of Arizona Medicaid program is called the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (

My 17 year old sister in law is pregnant and would like my husband and I to adopt her baby. What do I need to do to make this legal? What do I do if the father is not able to care for the child....but still wants him, he will probably end up in foster care if the father takes him. (29%)


how long does the employer have to approve or deny my doctors certificate for fmla. I submitted my request over a month ago and have not been approved or denied time off for care of a family member. Thank you. (29%)

We are schedule to move out on 1/31/08. Landlord has offer to have a mock walk thru on 1/24 to let us know of anything she notices that would need fixing. We are then having the final walkthru on 1/31/08. She may not catch all items until after 2/1/08 when she is cleaning, etc. Is this true that she can go back after our final walkthru and find things without us being there and after the fact? (29%)
Carefully read, ARS § 33-1321(

I leased my home using a legit lease form accepted one months down for a security down. They stayed for 5 months, lived there for 2 months without paying rent before they dissapeared and trashed the home, we had to pay $2500.00 in repairs and I have not been able to re-rent the place still for 2 months. It was a 2 year signed lease. Will I have a chance to win if I take them to small claims court? I know where one of them work. Thanks Jim (29%)
Carefully, read ARS § 33-1370<

Where can I find the rules for unpaid medical reimbursment? I need to know if elective contact lenses and braces fall under unpaid medical. (29%)

Last May the mother of my two children took me to court for the custody of my children. one of the decisions of the court was that the childrens mother would get to file my daughter on her taxes and I would file my son. this is in the court notes and the formal decision. come to find out, she filed both children on her income taxes this year. what do i do to resolve this? (29%)

Carefully review IRS Publication 504

I live in a small town and rent on a primative dirt road that is not maintained by the county. My road is now a major mud pit and has very big ruts that I can't get my vehicle through. I contacted my landlord and he told me that it was not his problem. According to the county it is the responsibility of all property owners to maintain the road yet he still refuses to assess the situation. Can I send him a repair letter?? (29%)

Carefully review the Landlord / Tenant articles available on  A link to

How are adoption subsidies and monthly disability benefits treated in calculating child suppoort? My friend's wife refuses to provide him with any information as to these items and he is trying to put together his petition for dissolution. He is afraid that even if these monthly payments total more than his monthly gross income, he will be ordered to pay both spousal maintenance and child support. She also refuses to discuss joint custody. (29%)

Carefully review the My wife and I are separated and will file for divorce. She is refusing to let me see my girls who are 9 & 11. I am a good dad who does not do anything illegal, never committed domestic violence or other crime. Up to this point, I have raised and cared for my girls with the most love. It is killing me not to be able to see them. Can she keep them from me? What can be done until the divorce papers are filed? What are my rights? (29%)

I am the biological father,a perternity test was done and I was in prison when she was born.I was to follow all D.E.S programs,But had to put it off til I took care of a fauls accusation in a fellony case-which got dissmissed.And now she was adopted out and I was not notified (but had no stable address). Can the adoption be reversed? I reside in Arizona if that helps. (29%)

I live in AZ w/ parents in Florida. Mom recently hospitalized, (treatment for previously diagnosed cancer, terminal) & signed papers for 'Hospice' while heavily medicated w/ morphine. Now bills are thru the roof as Medicare is not covering previously covered expenses. Mom is not "in" hospice care, just using 'pain management for medication'. She is still at home. Where can we get counsel as she signed papers without knowing change in coverage? (29%)

How do I get the status of my divorce? My husband filed and said he took care of everything and I didn't need to do anything. (29%)

can a grand parent file for child support when the mother is a minor but does not want it? (29%)

It depends on the current arrangements concerning care of this child. According to Yes I need to see a judge to get a warrant taken care of for a state mandated class that I did not attend as I did not have the funds to pay $2300.00 for the class. What do I need to do to appear before a judge? Thank you for your help. (29%)

I'm trying to help my mom get food stamps and cash assistance. She is age 56 and gets 480 dollars a month for retirement benefits. However; she has no car and doesn't work. She lives in a trailer. Her bills cost more than what she earns each month. So, I pay the remainder for her. My question is; does she qualify for food stamps and cash assistance without having to work a job at this point? She has no GED and has raised 8 kids and is now divorced. She gets half of her ex husbands retirement, and that's it. I would appreciate any help? I sent in her paperwork by fax. (29%)

does AHCCCS pay a hospice benefit? (29%)

I am a 17 year old mother of a 2 month old and do not have a job. Could i apply for food stamps or cash assistance? (29%)

Can you get child support if you are the legal guardian not a parent? I am taking care of two children that I have guardianship of. The parents live together and are not providing any assistance. (29%)

I moved out of my mothers house and I'm 17, even though I'm under her care, can i qualify for foodstamps? or recieve money each month? (29%)

Not sure if "contract" issue. Mom transferred from hospital to after-care in North Phx Dec 2010. Jan 1 insurance name changed but coverage remained same. NMR(facility)did not contact family nor ins administrater & entered "private pay." RNs&docs contacted family throughout admit(#'s in chart). Former employee admits no letter/no voice mail message to family. NMR filed probate with condo as only asset, chose the PR, & now, due to their admin error and incompetence, fees&costs against Estate in excess of $40,000, disabled grandson being evicted & condo auction sold thru no fault of Mom or family (29%)

I was on a lease with 4 other people and to move out these other tenants had to release me from the lease. After being released the property manager is saying that I was never released now they are sticking me with an $1100 bill. I only have contact with 1the former roommate but he vouches that he signed me off the lease. What can I do to avoid this bill? (29%)
Carefully review the terms and conditions on the lease. If available contact the landlord

How do I report someone abusing this system (AHCCCS Medical Program). Phone number please to call Thank you (29%)

The "Arizona Health Care

I care for my friends daughter, it was just when she is working. now I have her 5 of 7 days of the week. When she dose go home, The house is cold and horribly trashy, The child is always locked into her room because of the house. She is always dirty and puruple when I pick her up. What rights as the caregiver do I have? I do not feel her home is safe for her child. I also have her son 24/7 with the father living here with us. (29%)

Now that my 15 year old daughter has gottten pregnant will I loose my child support for her after she has her baby? (29%)

I have had legal guardianship of my grandson in Arizona since he was 15 months old. He is now 11. My husband has been given a promotion and we now have to relocate to Indiana. As legal guardian am I able to just move with him? Do I need to file paperwork? Do I need his mothers permission? She is still unable to take care of him in a stable manner. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank You (29%)

My Mom is an 80-year old senior with legal status, diable, no income, arrived in the US November 2007. She was just recently approved for AHCCCS Federal Emergency Services. I made an appeal to AHCCCS that she be granted a regular full coverage because of her current medical condition. What are the rights of the seniors in Arizona with the same case of my Mom in terms of health care. She has heart disease, severe arthritis, acute glaucoma that needs to be followed-up by specialists. She has been due for medical check up and needs continuous medication for the above illnesses. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. (27%)

My ex-wife and I are having trouble agreeing on where our son can/should attend school. He is 9 years old and currently attends a private christian school, but wants to go to public school with his step-sisters and neighborhood friends in the fall. My ex is avoiding the discussion of our son changing schools. My ex and I have joint physical and legal custody. What steps do I need to take in order to address this issue with the courts? (27%)

I have a 2 year old son, shortly after he was born I was granted through the courts sole legal and physical custody. What rights does his father have even though I have both. Could he stop me from moving? (27%)

I would like to know if I leave my husband and my house with my baby because I am tired of him for always getting home from work and taking a shower and leaving the house and not coming back until 4am. He does not love me or spend and time with our baby at all. I left my house and he said that he was going to sue me with the (Child Protective Services) for abandoning the home. Can he do that? He also said that he will try to get full custody of our child, but he hardly takes care of her or spend any time with her. I want to divorse him but what can I do to legally leave my house? (27%)

HOW DO I OBTAIN A COPY OF A AHCCS/MEDI-CAL DECISION/DENIAL NOTICE for my medical reasons for charity care? (27%)

Can I obtain custody of my child if my ex neglects to care for him/her? when the child was in her care, he/she came back to me with impetigo on parts of his body dr's say the is due to uncleanliness. He/she has no babysitter so she drops him/her off at local relatives home. (27%)

What can i do to help my child when her teacher swats her without my consent and leave a big mark on her leg when she was suppose to swat on the but? (27%)

I am currently residing in the state of Florida, and I have an outstanding misdemeanor case in Arizona that I would like to take care of. I am interesting to know how I would properly file a jp44 motion to quash warrants and request a new hearing date, as well as request a telephonic hearing. Any information would be greatly appreciated. W. Carr (27%)

I have a 62 year old mother with dementia. My dad is looking for assisted living homes for her. Does he need a HIPAA and POA to access medical records on his own, and make decisions for her? They are married. (27%)

Is there an agency that can help prepare a trust? I have a friend that is terminal (still mentally competent) that has not prepared a will or trust. She is on disability and low income. (27%)

My ex husband is requesting copies of medical records through our PC. The PC stated that he will write a letter to the court requesting the information. Is this a HIPAA violation? Can I prevent my ex husband from receiving this confidential information? Are my rights not protected now that we are not married? (26%)

I have joint legal and physical custody of my daughter (12). The access schedule we agreed to equals exactly 50/50 physical custody. Because of my work schedule (2:30-11:00pm M-F), my current wife and family members pick my daughter up from school and care for her in the evenings during the week. My question is, would a judge penalize me for not being the one physically with her during those times when figuring child support? (25%)

Can I be barred from handling my own affairs for any reason? (24%)

Can I remove my husband from my medical insurance I have for our family at work, before are divorce is final? (24%)

Are there any type of communication laws, guidelines,(w/ the mother) that are necessary for when I have my children during my parenting time? (24%)

Does AHCCCS only pay for Breast Cancer treatment in designated clinics and hospitals. I was reading the article in the Wall Street Joural about the woman who was caught up in the health care system. I want to know if a person making $15,000 a year with no insurance would be turned down for help if she applied to our AHCCCS. (24%)

For the purposes of emancipation, can a minor be considered "self-sufficient" if they can rely on someone other than their parent to provide housing and financial security? (24%)

To help answer your question, you may want to carefully review the following:




AHCCCS Health Insurance.pdf (22%)

Administrative Review Complaint[1].AHCCCS.doc (21%)

Administrative_Review_Complaint[1].AHCCCS.doc (21%)

Microsoft Word - HealthMentalCareHandbook.doc (18%)
Health and Mental Health Care The William E . Morris Institute for Justice acknowledges the support

Microsoft Word - Memorandum Motion for Leave to Proceed in Pseudonym.doc (18%)
. ) No . 9 ) XXXXXXXXXXX , Director , ) MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT OF 10 Arizona Health Care Cost Conta

Cit Req Fact sheet for (15%)

Microsoft Word - PAT Packet 9 - Child Custody and Parenting Time1 (14%)

PAT Packet 9 - Child Custody and Parenting Time1.doc (14%)

PAT_Packet_9_-_Child_Custody_and_Parenting_Time1.doc (14%)

Affidavit in Support of Motion for Fees.doc (14%)

Affidavit_in_Support_of_Motion_for_Fees.doc (14%)

Microsoft Word - Memorandum of Points and Authorities in Support of Motion f.doc (13%)
) ) ) PLAINTIFF , ) ) v . ) No . ) XXXXXXXXX , Director , ) MEMORANDUM OF POINTS Arizona Health Care Cost

Elder Abuse Day 2012 Flyer Final (11%)

Cit Req Fact sheet for (11%)


Custody_and_PTweb.qxd (10%)

entitlements10-1-06.xls (9%)


RELOCATION SECTION –Draft 08/11/08 (8%)


250 payment on it's way to you 1 vr 3 general (8%)

Name of Person Filling: (8%)


Microsoft Word - PAT Packet 8 - Child Support1 (7%)

CHILD (7%)

CHILD (7%)

Resource Booklet (7%)

Microsoft Word - dr71f.doc (7%)

Microsoft Word - WEM Sample food stamp timeliness preliminary injunction memo (7%)

Name of Person Filing: (7%)

buyersgd (7%)

Children hurt for pdf (7%)


Microsoft Word - PAT Packet 2 - Deferral Waiver of Fees & Costs2 (7%)

Microsoft Word - PAT Packet 2 - Deferral Waiver of Fees & Costs3 (7%)





RequestforFeeWaive.pdf (7%)

Y:\Court Program\Domestic Relations\Pro Se Procedure Manual\ProSeMan.wpd (6%)

Microsoft Word - PAT Packet 3 - Complaint1 (6%)



Resource Booklet (6%)

21-29.pmd (6%)


Microsoft Word - PAT Answer Packet1.doc (6%)




Covenant Marriage PDF.qxd (6%)

Microsoft Word - PAT Packet 6 - Judgment1 (6%)





Predatory Lenders Book (5%)


Microsoft Word - PAT Packet 1 - General Information1 (5%)



Microsoft Word - DRDC6c (5%)



Phyllis A (4%)

Phyllis A (4%)

Jeffrey Kastner, Attorney (4%)



Microsoft Word - PAT Packet 5 - Obtaining A Default Judgment1 (4%)

Microsoft Word - WEM Sample PrinciplesofAgreement.DOC (4%)



Microsoft Word - WEM SAMPLE Amended complaint for injunctive and declaratory relief in food stamp timeliness suit in US Distric (3%)

ParentedPDF.qxd (3%)

Crisis Numbers for Website (3%)

A Guide to Unemployment Insurance Arizona Benefits (3%)

AZ Law Help (3%)

Divorceweb.qxd (2%)


I just helped my mother, age 89, deal with her Medicare HMO (25%)

I just helped my mother, age 89, deal with her Medicare HMO. Her primary care doctor referred

Age discrimination in the workplace (17%)


Arizona Hospice Care (113%)
Information about hospice care in arizona

AZ Office of the Attorney General Life Care Planning Packet (87%)
Contains forms and instructions for completing a living will, power of attorney and other life care

Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) (80%)

Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) (71%)

Arizona 2-1-1 (71%)
Online help where you can easily find resources from child care, jobs, health care, and insurance to

AZ Care Check (71%)
Pre-screen assisted living, long-term care, and medical facilities by entering the facility