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Question: Where or who do I call to change my 5 year old daughters last name? I want to put her dad's last name before she starts school.

Answer: The following is provided for general information only. To find out how the law applies to a specific situation, contact an attorney directly.

A person who wishes to change his or her name, or a parent wishing to change their child's name, must fill out and file with the court name change forms found on the Self Service Center of the Maricopa County Superior Court. The forms are downloadable for free, and instructions for filling them out and filing them can be found on the same webpage as the form. There are several other ways of getting forms, such as through mail order or in person. Click here for more information on getting forms and information on filling out the forms.
The forms (one Civil Cover sheet, one original, and two copies) must be filed at one of these locations for a fee, which may be waived or deferred if the applicant qualifies. The name change applicant must schedule a hearing with court administration and notify any interested parties of the hearing. In the case of changing the name of a child, this includes the other parent if he or she is not a party to the name change request.  The applicant must attend the hearing, bringing the documents specified in the forms’ instructions.  The Name Change Article on this website contains additional information and details on name changes.


  • Where or who do I call to change my 5 year old daughters last name? I want to put her dad's last name before she starts school.


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