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Where to Find an Attorney for Specific Legal Advice

 All Legal Services programs in Arizona differ, and their criteria for accepting cases vary as well. Find out what programs are available and where to go for asssistance. More »


Evictions happen quickly; find out what an eviction action is, how it is started and what you can and cannot do about it before the court is involved.

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by: Community Legal Services - Central Office


Question: I have a roommate at my house under month to month contract gave him 30day eviction notice. He is being bitter about it like making noises middle of night. Just making it hard for these last 30days. Is there a way to settle this and possibly have him move out earlier?
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Question: My disabled mother and i moved into my girlfriends dads house with her. We (girlfriend and myself and mother) have no rental agreement but pay ontime every month. We also paid to have the house modified for my moms disability. I am not abusive, have never had the authorities called for anything. We had a disagreement now she is trying to evict us by March 1st. What can I do?
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Question: How can I evict the party who has purchased my home,foreclosed and have not left the premises? What is the process?
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Question: After foreclosure involving a single family residence the new owner filed an unlawful detainer action against the tenants who had no rental agreement after serving them with a 90 day notice to quit. The tenants refuse to move and have not paid rent.They only had a month to month oral agreement with the former owner. One of the tenants claims that he is on parole and cannot be evicted. Is this a valid defense to the UD action?
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Question: Is it legal for my landlord to take possession of my personal property after we agreed on a date for me to get it when I was there but he did not show up an before the 21 days that I was given to retrieve my property is up
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