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Garnishment is a legal process by which one party may collect money from another party, after a money judgment has been entered. More »

by: Arizona Supreme Court

Tips for a Successful Client-Attorney Relationship

 More »

by: State Bar of Arizona

Guide for Self-Represented Appellants and Appellees

The "Appeals Guides for Self-Represented Parties" is a series of five separate guides created by the Arizona Supreme Court to assist parties who represent themselves in certain appeals. 

 More »

by: Arizona Supreme Court

Arizona Superior Court Locations by County

Find out where your county's superior court is located and how to contact by phone or online

 More »

AZTurbocourt: The online court system

AZTurboCourt provides users with ways to access Arizona's courts, including the ability to initiate cases. More »

by: Arizona Supreme Court


Question: I'm 17, and just received a ticket for not stoping at a stop sign. Can I bring/use my 18 year old sister as a guardian so I don't have to tell my parents?
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Question: Can the police cone n search your house n just verbally tell u they have a warrant n not show u n still take items from ur house
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Question: My husband had court a few days ago and a court date was not set. He is in jail with a high bond and no court date... how long can they hold him without a court date
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Question: i was kicked out of my nursing program 3months before i was due to graduate because a background check company falsely reported a 13 year old misdemeanor drug possession. because of their mistake I also lost my externship job offer. I have since provided that company documentain from the state they claim i was accussed in confirming they're error. I was reinstated into my program and have since graduated but it took me a year and I racked up a large bill fighting them. they ruined my life for a year and I want to sue them for the financial burdens they caused me. Im not sure how to start this
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Question: I want to contest a parking ticket that I received in Prescott. The ticket is written to show I was issued this ticket after 10 minutes between marking and issuing in a 2 hour zone. I live in Phoenix and the cost to drive to court to have this ticket thrown out will be greater than the ticket. My ex-husband lives in Prescott, can he go to court to represent me in this matter?
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