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Food Stamps, Cash Assistance

Articles and Info

The Cash Assistance Program and Child Support

There are many children who are not getting support from both parents. If you are not getting child support for your children, this article may give you information that will help you. More »

The Food Stamp Program: Income and Deductions

To qualify for food stamps, you must have less income than the food stamp income limits. Some income does not count. More »

The Food Stamp and Cash Assistance Program: Overpayments

If DES gives you too much money or too many food stamps, it is called an overpayment. Even if it is not your fault that you were overpaid, DES may still collect the overpayment from you. More »

by: Southern Arizona Legal Aid, Inc.

Jobs Program For People Who Receive Cash Assistance

Jobs is a Department of Economic Security (DES) program designed to help persons who receive cash assistance prepare for and find a job. Most adult and teen parents who receive cash assistance must work with Jobs to keep getting cash. More »

by: Southern Arizona Legal Aid, Inc.

Nutrition Support Services and Food Stamps

There are many food service support resources in your community. Find out more information about where you can go to get hot meals, food stamps and emergency assistance in your area.

 More »


 More »

Where to Find an Attorney for Specific Legal Advice

 All Legal Services programs in Arizona differ, and their criteria for accepting cases vary as well. Find out what programs are available and where to go for asssistance. More »


Question: can des deny you before the date given to turn in requested info i filed fair hear on oct 10 and they lost it and didnt file it tillnov 15
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Question: what is the amount of income to be reported. Is it over 2000 in resources,a monthly amount or longer.this is for renewal.
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Question: I need help with getting food.
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Question: Why is IT that I and maybe many more other people cannot get someone on the phone numbers and there are many numbers that I have called on 3-25- & 3-26-13 to renew my Food Stamps ..and no answer... I left 3-4 messages on 480 834-4066 no return calls.... I have called and called 602 771-1509 and busy busy busy all day long....
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Question: Please tell me the income level that must be met to qualify for food assistance.
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