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Family Law on the Navajo Nation: How is Property Divided in a Divorce?

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by: DNA- People's Legal Services - Window Rock

Divorce on the Navajo Nation - Grounds and Requirements

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by: DNA- People's Legal Services - Window Rock


Question: If your under 18 and have a child are you considered an adult?
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Question: i have a friend who had a baby with a girl who he was dating and she left the baby with him, saying he can keep her that she wants to walk away from everything. What does he need to do to keep his daughter. And if she was to call the cops on him would he need to return the baby to his ex?
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Question: My husband and I have been married for 19 years. Common Law for 4 years and 14 years Legally Married (State of NM). We have been separated for 3 months, if I decided to divorce my husband my reason is "Adultery". We have a State Marriage Licence and we married in Navajo Nation Court. Do I file with the State of New Mexico or Navajo Nation. We have 2 children therefore child support will be filed. And can I charge my husband and his companion with "Adultery"?
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Question: If I feel that the judge that has my case is unfair and being partial to mky ex. can I request a new judge?
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Question: How do I find out about my ancisters, I have found informantion that leads me to believe that my Grandmother was Navajo??
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Question: where do i get the divorce papers? once i have filed for divorce how long does the process take?
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