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  • If my ex-husband is on workers compensation can he get a modification of support amount if he has other accounts such as a retirement, savings etc.?
  • Who is responsible for broken waterfaucet
  • If a sentence of 4 months was imposed and the judge granted suspension of sentence-probation granted. Does defendant first go to doc before being released from custody?
  • Dear Sir or Madam Where can I find a simple form for an agreement to rent an apartment? I am a senior citizen, 81. I need to have a formal agreement with my son , who is a disabled veteran. Forms that I found are very complicated and full of legalese . If you could send me to a website I would greatly appreciate it.I am in Yavapai County Thank you in advance . Barbara Golian
  • My wife and I are presently fight for cusody of our 7yr old. She lives in Fort Mohave, AZ and I live in Phoenix. Since we have not come to an agreement on the cusody matter, she has been not allowing me to speak or bring my son to Phoenix for a long weekend. What rights do I have? We are still waiting on a court hearing in front of a judge in Mohave County. Note: She is not living with the child, her parents are taking care of him.
  • Is maintenance still allowed to come in my apartment even if I said NO on a sign worksheet order ?
  • I currently am legally seperated, what do I do now to get a divorce?
  • my mom is in the hospital. she had minor surgery but does not want to do therapy at hospital. Now the doctor is saying they r going to put her in a home but she live with me at home . can the doctor do this with out some type of concent ?
  • I own my trailor but rent the property and we have had Rats on property for over 20 years I have lived there for 10 plus years can I go after the owner of the property if I got bit by a rat why I was sleeping
  • My friend just rented a trailer in are the issues he is having with his landlord and corresponding questions 1. The is sewer gas coming out of the drains in the bathroom 2.there are many electric plugs and switches that are coming out of the walls when touched or used 3.there are no smoke alarms. of the entrance doors has a rotted core and can not be secured, (it can be pulled open or pushed in effortlessly 5. There are screens in only two widows, some windows don't close, lock... The furnace don't work properly. His contact info is as follows Steve Hamel 248-494-3035





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