Eviction Article


On 8/24/07
Diana said
I Have a landlord we are 280.0 behind on rent she has put a silver lock on our door the outside door handle. We have not recieved any kind or late notice . we just found it on our door one day. My son just recently lost his job , I have been working

On 7/27/07
This article stops short of the result in favor of the Tenant - suggesting that this outcome is not a consideration.

On 6/29/07
Confused Lanlord said
This information is very helpful because I heard some very scary story about the lengthy court processing period.


  • I have a roommate at my house under month to month contract gave him 30day eviction notice. He is being bitter about it like making noises middle of night. Just making it hard for these last 30days. Is there a way to settle this and possibly have him move out earlier?
  • I live in a home that my mother bought for me 20yrs ago. The home is still in my mother's name who lives at a separate residence My oldest daughter got a divorce and had been living with her boyfriend at his parents house. Her and her boyfriend are both heroin addicts. Recently she called me needing my help and stating she wanted to change her life and get away from the heroin and her boyfriend. She swore she was serious. I told her this was her last chance with me and to make sure she's ready cuz I wont do it again. She has not stopped anything and I want her out of my house. What do i do?
  • I am appealing an eviction action. The judge in the courtroom did not fully read my eviction action answer or counterclaim. He ruled in favor of the plaintiff without all of the necessary information to do so. Is that legal?
  • I would like to know what forms or papers I need to fill out and then file with the courts to get a court date to evict a tenant, and also where I can find them or a link.
  • After foreclosure involving a single family residence the new owner filed an unlawful detainer action against the tenants who had no rental agreement after serving them with a 90 day notice to quit. The tenants refuse to move and have not paid rent.They only had a month to month oral agreement with the former owner. One of the tenants claims that he is on parole and cannot be evicted. Is this a valid defense to the UD action?
  • Can my landlord except half the rent and still keep charging me late fees???
  • My landlord served me and 30 day eviction notice cause we will not sign in active lease after doing month to month cause we are purchasing a home and closing after the vacated date
  • How do I kick someone out who doesn't pay rent
  • My dad and neice have lived in a rental condo for years together , they are both on the lease, recently she has stopped paying her portion of rent and has stopped working and even let her boyfriend move in without my dads consent. My dad has been stuck paying all of the rent that he can't afford. The manager of the condo complex said there is nothing they can do. Please tell me how we can get her evicted out of the condo and her boyfriend to. Thank you
  • Is it legal for a landlord to give you a 30 day notice and then in a week turn around and give you a five day notice.





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