Food Stamps, Cash Assistance Article

Nutrition Support Services and Food Stamps


The Area Agency on Aging is responsible for ensuring that supportive and nutrition services are made available to older persons in communities where they live. Call the Senior HELP LINE at (602) 264-HELP (4357), Toll Free: (888) 264-2258, TTY/TDD (602) 241-6110 available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to find a service in your area or you can visit the Area Agency on Aging on-line locater.

You can also find meal services at senior centers in your community. You and your spouse can get hot meals at such facilities as long as one of you is age 60 or older. The nutrition program in your area may provide transportation as well. If you are homebound, you can have hot meals delivered to you. The Arizona Senior Center Association maintains information about Arizona senior centers on their website.

Counties also offer food stamp programs to supplement or cover the grocery bills of those in need. For information on eligibility, call (800) 221-5689 or you can go to the Department of Economic Security’s web site.



  • I'm getting a insurance settlement and get food stamps. must I disclose this?
  • I want to reques benefits for this month My case number:03855797 Because I'm waiting get line for two day I don't receive somebody call me interview Can you help me check my case right now and let me know Thank you for helping!
  • I am diabetic, taking medication, and receiving food stamps but I need to eat three times per day. The amount stamps I receive is not enough for three meals a day and toward the end of the month I have to limit to one meal per day. Is an increase possible?
  • I was approved for food stamps, how do I get a card?
  • I have recently ended my BENIFITS though I have till the end of the month and they will completely stop... Am I still able to use these BENIFITS ( food stamps )
  • I lost my food stamp card i need a number so i can reportit
  • I don't have my case # so how do I use my food stamp card
  • I applied for food stamps and cash assistance on 11/16/15 and was approved for foodstamps and have already received them. However, the cash assistance is still pending. I understand it can take up to 45 days for them to make a decision but my question is if it is approved will the backdate the cash assistance to the date of application or will it become effective the 1st of the month after approval?
  • what number can i call to get my case number instead of going to the des office??
  • I am a military mother of 3 who's husband went to jail for two years. I cannot find employment, he cant pay child support, and I can't get any cash assistance to provide for my children. Family is helping but what can I do? I live in my parents home they were going to rent out, but have bills and children. The state so no on cash assistance, so I only get food assistance. Isn't there something I can do during interim of trying to find a job?


  • He told me that I could actually get all the money I needed by using my home as collateral. . .
  • I just helped my mother, age 89, deal with her Medicare HMO. . .
  • He told me that I could actually get all the money I needed by using my home as collateral. . .




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  • State Bar of Arizona
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  • National Domestic Violence Hotline
  • Bankruptcy Court Self Help Center
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