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Rizo v. Yovino

In 1963, Congress passed the Equal Pay Act (EPA), and it was signed into law by John F. Kennedy on June 10, 1963.

Arizona's Paid Sick Leave Law

In November 2016, voters increased Arizona’s existing minimum wage and added an employer sick leave pay requirement by approving Proposition 206. This publication explains the paid sick leave part of the law.

Exempt Versus Non-Exempt For Overtime Requirements

CHANGES ARE COMING! A new law may go into effect that could impact your exempt status. Read this article to find out more.

Allowable Deductions for Exempt Employees

Are you an exempt employee? Did you know that your salary can still be docked? To learn more about when an exempt employee's pay can be reduced read the following article.

Overtime Rights for Hourly Employees

Overtime is a completed issue. Read more to make sure you are getting paid what you have earned.

Know Your Rights: Wage Payment and Hours Protection

ASU's Work-Life Law and Policy Clinic informs individuals about employment law matters. This article discusses the laws surrounding the wage you earn for the hours you work and what you should expect from your employer.

by: ASU Legal Clinic

Read more

Arizona's Minimum Wage Law

Do you know Arizona's minimum wage? Find out more information here.

Where to Find an Attorney for Specific Legal Advice

 All legal service programs in Arizona differ, and their criteria for accepting cases vary as well. Find out what programs are available and where to go for assistance.

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Question: I worked for an AC company and during that time of my employment my AC needed service. They fixed it at a discount price and we agreed that I would make weekly payment until the balance is paid. Well I was terminated before being able to pay off the balance. My question is can they withhold that from my final paycheck? Also they're charging me for a price book that I dont have and some uniforms that were missing but I turned in whatever uniforms I had. Can they withhold that as well?
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Question: My employer has us keep receipts (tickets with the food orders written on them) she is threatening to take $100 for every ticket that gets lost. More than 3 different employees handle these tickets along side the cashier daily. Is this legal for her to take $100 from the cashier if a ticket gets lost?
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Question: My employer has us keep receipts (tickets with the food orders written on them) she is threatening to take $100 for every ticket that gets lost. More than 3 different employees handle these tickets along side the cashier daily. Is this legal for her to take $100 from the cashier if a ticket gets lost?
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Question: My employee quit without giving required two weeks notice. In contract that he signed, it says specifically that if he quits without notice, I as an employer have a right to deduct from his final paycheck any costs incurred by his resignation. Employee agreed to this and signed the contract, but now he demands full payment. Can I reduce his pay? I had to cover his work by hiring a replacement
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Question: During my current 6 months of employment, I was hired as a 1099 employee and then transitioned to a W2 employee (paid salary + commission)and then forced back to a 1099 employee by my employer. Despite earning commissions from the first month of employment, I have yet to be paid any commissions. They initially told me I they would pay them and then they ignored by requests for payment. Can an employer withhold and deny paying earned commissions and if so, how long. Are they subject to any penalties or fines for will fully with holding earned commission? What can I do?
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Question: My employer has been deducting $20 from every employees paycheck every week stating we would get it back at the end of the year if there were no claims filed. It is a moving company and the employer carries insurance. It is past the end of the year and no one has received any of their money back. No one signed anything consenting these deductions either. Is what he is doing illegal and what should we do about it? Who do I need to contact?
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Question: i was never paid what do i do
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Question: I work in outside sales. For a number of years my employer has deducted shipping costs from my commission for all accounts outside the metro area. Recently they have begun deducting the % of $ credit charges cost from my commission as well. They deduct this before my paycheck is cut. For example they show me a spreadsheet with my compensation as $7000.00 -500 shipping -500 cc fees (and sometimes other deductions) = $6000.00 since these fees are deducted can i write them off on taxes and is this even legal?
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Question: is it legal for my boss to deduct my pay due to mistakes made by his employees on jobs we recently have been doing, and has he broke the law and which law?
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Question: My employer will not provide me with any information such as: how mucht I was payed per hour, how many hours I worked, and if taxes were taken out. Paid by personal check. What do I do?
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Question: My paycheck bounced and when I inquired about it, I was terminated. I am now owed payment for 150 + hours. What are my options?
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Question: An employee has quit working for me and has equipment belonging to me. The employee has been paid through his last day worked but demands additional money before he will return my equipment. Is this legal?
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Question: What are the laws regarding overtime pay? when is an employer exempt from paying overtime?
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Question: Can my employer withhold my pay if I quit without notice?
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Question: Can Child Support take my school loans and grants? If it is my only income at the moment?
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Question: i recently quit a job because my employer altered my contract without my permission and presented it as the original . now she won't pay me my last paycheck. is there an organization that can help me with a inexpensive lawyer (at least for a consultation) or should i take this to small claims court?
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Question: Does an employer have to pay accrued sick and personal/vacation time to an employee that has given a resignation?
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Question: How does this minimum wage law pertain to commission base jobs, ie sales - car, furniture?
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Question: I worked as in Independent Contractor and was just let go by the owner, when does he have to pay me for services? Is it the same as if I were an employee? (within 24 hours)? Thanks,
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Question: Can a company not pay overtime (over 40 hrs a wk)if they are a courier company and the employee is paid a hourly wage instead of per package? How does that work?
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Question: I am considered an employee, receiving pay for piece work completed. Is my employer required to pay me weekly, monthly or what? Where can I find more information on piece work/employee status?
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Question: I want to file a Civil Action Lawsuit against my former employer for unpaid wages. I'm owed $1323.00. Can I do this on my own or do I need an attorney?
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Question: What are my rights to wage claims after being terminated by an employer?
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Question: If I feel I earned more than I was paid, is there a government organization I can call to confirm that?
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