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Wage Claims

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Arizona's New Minimum Wage Law

On November 8th, 2006, Arizona voters passed a law to raise the state minimum wage. Read about how this law affects you.

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by: William E. Morris Institute for Justice

Where to Find an Attorney for Specific Legal Advice

 All Legal Services programs in Arizona differ, and their criteria for accepting cases vary as well. Find out what programs are available and where to go for asssistance. More »


Question: My paycheck bounced and when I inquired about it, I was terminated. I am now owed payment for 150 + hours. What are my options?
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Question: An employee has quit working for me and has equipment belonging to me. The employee has been paid through his last day worked but demands additional money before he will return my equipment. Is this legal?
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Question: What are the laws regarding overtime pay? when is an employer exempt from paying overtime?
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Question: Can my employer withhold my pay if I quit without notice?
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Question: Can Child Support take my school loans and grants? If it is my only income at the moment?
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Question: i recently quit a job because my employer altered my contract without my permission and presented it as the original . now she won't pay me my last paycheck. is there an organization that can help me with a inexpensive lawyer (at least for a consultation) or should i take this to small claims court?
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Question: Does an employer have to pay accrued sick and personal/vacation time to an employee that has given a resignation?
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Question: How does this minimum wage law pertain to commission base jobs, ie sales - car, furniture?
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Question: I worked as in Independent Contractor and was just let go by the owner, when does he have to pay me for services? Is it the same as if I were an employee? (within 24 hours)? Thanks,
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Question: Can a company not pay overtime (over 40 hrs a wk)if they are a courier company and the employee is paid a hourly wage instead of per package? How does that work?
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Question: I am considered an employee, receiving pay for piece work completed. Is my employer required to pay me weekly, monthly or what? Where can I find more information on piece work/employee status?
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Question: I want to file a Civil Action Lawsuit against my former employer for unpaid wages. I'm owed $1323.00. Can I do this on my own or do I need an attorney?
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Question: What are my rights to wage claims after being terminated by an employer?
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Question: If I feel I earned more than I was paid, is there a government organization I can call to confirm that?
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