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My lease ends 4/31/11. I moved out 3/15/11. I did fulfill my contract obligation of providing the lease check for 4/1/11. My (old) landlord cashed that check 4/4/11 I found out that he moved someone in 4/1/11. Is it legal for him to cash my 4/1/11 check and move someone in, REGARDLESS if I still occupy the dwelling and/or if he made them pay for April or not? I would think that by my yearly lease contract, he is not allowed to move anyone in until 5/1/11 since he accepted and cashed my 4/1/11 check.
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How can I get back my property I sold to someone (deed of trust) who promised to pay me monthly for 30 years arrangement, but become delinquent in payments? How to foreclose it from home owner? Does home owner covered by AZ anti-deficiency law?
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