Domestic Violence Comments

4/24/09 Corinne said
good for schoolwork

4/21/09 Roderick said
They are easily used and abused,and wasted tax money.I am being used as a scape goat because my ex and parents dont want to deal with personal issues.Instead divert there attention on me and file an order of cause

4/3/09 Kerry said
These are indeed way to easy to get. I was in an abusive home growing, so I understand that they are needed. But there needs to be more balance,. And there needs to be more uniformity of the judges on issuing these.

2/6/09 Nobody said
Hay its really cool that you guys help people good job!!!!!!!!

9/28/08 Deena said
TCWC and Brewster have merged, and are now called Emerge. There are also many more Batterers Programs, listed on the ADHS website , as well as a DV prevention class at Old Pueblo Counseling.

9/21/08 Ann said
It took me a while to get to the website, but I am sure glad I found it! It is extremely helpful!

5/28/08 Cindy said
I see all these places and phone numbers,but not a one was able to help me at any level,especially in a time of need.I called these numbers and such was in a shelter no one could help me get my son back from my brother,except CPS.

3/13/08 Ginger said
My fiance filed but did not serve me with an order of protection because he was mad at me and wanted and easy way to remove me from the house. He is now trying to remove it as he is not angry anymore...mis-use is way to easy for these.

10/1/07 Keith said
What are my rights while I am on parole to see my kids? I am paying child support, I work, I am responsible, I love my boys. My wife (separated) is using the boys, as her means of child support from the Welfare Agency here. I want my legal rights .

10/1/07 lisa said
my brother is on parole, he has a job and a house and is stable. he is responsible. His wife refuses to allow him to have partial custody. He is paying regularly back child support, for when he was incarcerated. He loves his kids & wants visitation.

7/10/07 Bridgette said
My sister has been married for approx. 8 years and in the past year has had severe problems in her marriage.If his family has money can they use that to help him fight for full custody?

3/24/07 david said
These are a joke a big waste of time i filed one against an unwanted roommate who was threating me and in 6 weeks he has violated it 9 times and has been arrested once and released 2 hours later only to turn around and make deaths threats against me

2/8/07 kara said
They do not work when the abuser is allowed the order and we are then open game for the abuser. Proof should be needed at time of order

1/22/07 Barbie said
These orders are absolutely necessary. Both women and men alike, need to file them AND most importantly, to stick by them. Domestic violence CAN & DOES kill. It could be your child that gets hurt! So, PLEASE hear my PLEAS ad get help! God bless.

11/30/06 claudia said
great resource page!

10/29/06 lisa said
being stalked he tried running me over with his vehicle beat me police dont arrest him we both have o.o.p. he never served held his gun & told me get in truck i did he called police i arrested 3 diff. times facing year