• Is it a criminal offense for a person to demand money in return for signing off on the U.S. Department of State's form DS-3053, Statement of Consent?
  • I started renting out a room in 9/2018. I received rent until middle of October and have been waiting for payments until then. In March I received $ 250 out of $ 450. I already served this tenant with a 5 day non pay but could not follow up with the eviction notice because I got sick. I am mostly wheelchair bound on top of that. Now this tenant has moved several pieces of furniture into the garage without my permission, blocking access to parts of the garage. What can I do and what can I do with those furniture? Please, I just want my peace back. I need help.
  • are mobile home parks exempt from the bill 1248 which prohibits breed specific discriminator. ie: certain dog breeds are not allowing in our community.
  • My question is I have lived with my boyfriend just shy of a year he was on the lease , I was not however we had an oral agreement that i was living with him along with my son last time and my dog, my mail went there and all my personal belongings where there well on 1/5/18 his parents came to my house changed the locks on me after I had left ( that same day cops showed up spoke with my boyfriend to verify he wanted me there he said yes ) later that night they changed the locks and had all my personal belongings moved to storage which I didn’t authorize , what are my rights and what should I do
  • What is the process to get my ex girlfriend who has lived with me for 3 years evicted?
  • I am on permanent disability. I own a 2009 car (my only car) and owe back taxes. I am single. Can IRS seize my car or my disability income?
  • Can an Apartment landlord legally go through the tenants trash in the dumpster in the building?
  • By law at what age can a minor be left alone
  • Me and my wife are trying to get a divorce but i wanted to know if i can get full custody of my children even if i have a misdemeanor on my background. will that affect me in any way.
  • I have filed for a divorced and was final in 2012. I was layed of from my job since March, Ive been working parttime, would I be albe to modify my child support and ask the court for alimony to , due to my youngest daughter illness that Iam needed to care for her. Iam renting 800 a month and i feel homeless, because I lived in his hometown for 28yrs and I had to relocate.





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