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  • My father in law, who lives in Mesa, has asked me to be his power of attorney. I live in Oregon. Can I use Arizona's form to do this, and will it be valid even though I don't live in the same state?
  • i pay child support but i would like to have a paternity test who do i ask for one and can i do it online?
  • I recently entered in to a lease with myself, my long time girlfriend, and her friend. We used my credit to qualify because neither of them has credit. The friend and I put most of the money down for the deposits and all utilities are in my name. Less than a month after we made the move, my girlfriend terminated our relationship. The two of them expect me to go on living there with them until the end of the lease. I am not ok with that. Is there is any way I can force them to find someone to sign in place of me on the lease and refund my deposit money so I can move out? They refuse to go
  • Do I was given a 60 day notice to vacate from my landlord because he said the property was going to be sold. If they dont sell the property and put it up for rent can I pursue legal actions? I feel like they gave me a 60 day notice because their maintenance man moved things around in my yard which allowed my dog to get out of my yard and I told the landlord I would take the maintenance man to court if something happened to my dog and 2 weeks later got the notice and 2 weeks after that someone hit and killed my dog... what can I do?
  • We purchased a park model from a private owner and it is set in a RV resort in Goodyear we paid her annual rent in April when we moved in we now have decided to purchase a home this was our temporary home as we transferred here due to the fact that we are selling the home and it has a carport and a 10 by 10 storage shed if someone were to want to purchase just the trailer do we have to leave the carport behind?can they legally charge us for rent on the lot if we move out before our year is up and new owner is also charged lot rent because move in take ownership of trailer. Double dip. Lot pay
  • Is it illegal for a company to not issue paychecks in the father's name to avoid paying child support? It is a family-owned company and the fathers mother is getting the checks in her name and giving the cash to her son.
  • I am trying to get guardianship and conservatoship for my parents. The county stepped in when they discovered the value of their assets. Now i have no legal rights or access to my parents. i cannot afford an attorney and the hearing is next week. Is there any help available?
  • I was charged with 13-3405A1/possession, and 13-3415A/paraphernalia. I moved to AZ a couple months ago, and have a valid Medical Marijuana card from CA. What am I looking at, as far penalties? Would it help my case to immediately get my AZ Medical Marijuana card?
  • My ex-husband sent me a letter from prison, telling me he hired a lawyer to get a judge to ORDER me to take our 2 kids to see him. I have sole custody, and I had told him that i am not going to take them to a prison to visit him. When he was out, he never put any effort to see our kids, he only does this when he's in prison. Is is possible for him to get a court order to force me to take the kids to see him in prison?
  • What are my rights if i put a car n my name as well as the insurance for a friend, but now he will not give the ins company his information for policy. A lien was also placed on title for my court fines so i cant transfer out of my name. I dont want ti be held responsible but he's avoiding my calls.


  • I just helped my mother, age 89, deal with her Medicare HMO. . .
  • I just helped my mother, age 89, deal with her Medicare HMO. . .
  • He told me that I could actually get all the money I needed by using my home as collateral. . .




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