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  • My daughter passed away from cancer 2 years ago. I took over the care of my grandson, who is now 13 years old. My daughter never left a legal document giving me custody or guardianship of my grandson. My grandson's father is not and has never been in his life. We don't even know where he is or how to locate him. How can I get legal guardianship or custody of my 13 year old grandson?
  • What is the responsibility of the Landlord of a 55+ park regarding safety from burglary and robbery? We have had a number of these lately and it doesn't appear our Landlord is doing anything about it.
  • The property owner wants to charge me HOA fees for grounds maintenance. I am a tenant in an apartment complex. When questioned, they said they could do this according to Arizona General Provisions 33-1314 and 33-1314.01. I think this addresses utilities, water and separate meters, not HOA dues. I also will not have access to CC&R's, or be able to have a seat on the board or see the financials, because (in their words) I am not an owner. Can you let me know if they can in fact charge me HOA dues?
  • My ex-husband wants to give up right to our kids .(I think so he wont have to pay child support)And asked if my current husband would adopt them. My question is how long is this process and how much would it cost IF I ever decided to go along with it?
  • Where do i go to get signed up for the parenting class?
  • My daughter refuses to go to her moms, what happens if she doesnt go? She is being emotionally abused by her mom. Also, can i file for emergency custody if i can prove it?
  • I have been obscounding from probation and want to turnmyself into the judge, what is the procedure to dothis?
  • Because of the current coronavirus pandemic both my daughter and son-in-law will be laid off indefinitely. Their current lease ends 6/15/20. They notified rental office that they would like to end lease 6 weeks early (end of April) because of this financial hardship. They will live with us until things get back to normal. They have given rental company 45 day notice that they will vacate apartment at the end of April. Rental company is telling them that they will have to pay 2 month penalty for breaking a lease 6 weeks early. This does not sound right during this healthcare emergency!
  • I have filed a charge with the EEOC against my employer. Do I have to find another representative for wrongful termination, breach of contract? I was suspended for 2 weeks to take care of a legal issue but then was termed on the 6th day into the 2 week suspension on matters not relevant to suspension.
  • Where do i go to get signed up for the parenting class?





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