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  • I am separated but not legally divorced from my wife yet. I am trying to see my two daughters but their mother will not let me see them what can I do if there is no court order placed an order to see my daughters as soon as possible.
  • Garnishment, What amount is allowed to be taken out by law, if there is 2 garnishments, can they take more than 25%, I currently have 1 garnishment, now another CC company wants to garnish also. What is the max they can take ..thanks
  • I have a Friend in Arizona that is in a 12 month lease and she has stated that they signed an addendum specifying that if they break the lease they will have to leave in 3 days period. She and her sister who doesn't live on the property are both on the lease according to her. Question, can one be on a lease if they don't live in the Apartment ? Question can the landlord set the addendum up in such a way that if the lease is broken she would have to leave in 3 days. ? As well if her sister decides to break her part of the lease but my friend wants to stay ?
  • We need to get an LLC prepared in order to take possession of a gold IRA. Can we get assistance and how do we go about and what are the costs involved? Thank you.
  • at what age can i b emancipated?
  • I got arrested for criminal damage. Girlfriend lived with me at the house I own. She is not on any paperwork on my house. She has an order of protection against me so I can not go to my house. I need to get her out. Went to judicial court to get an eviction started. They said I cannot do an eviction until I give her a written notice first. I cannot have any form of contact with her. I'm not sure what I can do. Per our verbal agreement she was to pay rent on the 10th. She did not pay. All the bills are in my name. Can I turn the utilities off until she leaves?
  • How do I apply to change my visitation rights to see my children? I am court ordered to them on specific days but, I am not able to see them on those days. I want to know how to go about revising my visitation rights where do I start and how do I do it?
  • Once documents have been served for paternity, child support and decision making to the respective party- is the Defendant responsible for returning those documents back to the Plantiff or the court?
  • We received info about renewing our lease, at a property where we have lived for almost 1 year. When we moved in, we noticed the irrigation system needed repairing, but the property mgmt. company said the landlord would not repair it, and to use an above ground sprinkler, which we did. One of the conditions on the option to renew states: "The tenant shall maintain the landscape irrigation system, including the automatic timer, in good working condition and make any needed repairs at their sole expense." Isn't this forcing us to repair the irrigation system was never worked right? Ideas?
  • I've paid a security deposit of $300 for my apt. and have a receipt. The landlord is increasing the amount to $400 and says I owe another $100! I say no! You can charge new tenants whatever you want that's legal, but you can't increase my amount after the fact. Please let me know if I must pay the additional $100. Thank you.


  • He told me that I could actually get all the money I needed by using my home as collateral. . .
  • He told me that I could actually get all the money I needed by using my home as collateral. . .
  • I just helped my mother, age 89, deal with her Medicare HMO. . .




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