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  • I wish to sell my mobile home located in a MH Park. The Owner of the park told me I have to sell it to him under the "Right of First Refusal" Law. I do not want to sell it to him, as he will use it as a rental. He is using this ROFR for personal gains. I have a buyer already. Does he have the right to force me to sell it to him under this ROFR? He has this written in current Rules and Regulations for tenants. He has already obtained two MH’s from owners by using this statement, and is now renting them out. Is this legal?
  • Is there a max that a landlord can charge for a lease up fee before move in?
  • I filed unemployment due to covid19 and was denied for an overpayment Back in 2014 that I was unaware of. Is there anything I can do to get my benefits due to pandemic?
  • Can my employer use my AZ Sick Time PLUS deduct the same time from my personally accrued PTO? For example, I've been out sick and exhausted the 40 hours of AZ Sick Time. At the same time, my Employer is also using 40 hours of my personal PTO for a total of 16 hours per day sick time instead of the 8 hours I'm out of the office sick. Is this Legal???
  • I was assaulted by my 29yr old Daughter. I called 911 and told the officer I needed paramedics and wanted to press charges. neither happened. I was asked to leave for the night! I took many pictures of bumps, bruises etc. can I go back and press charges?
  • If amenities are included in our rent but they shut down every single one of them due to the COVID 19 (2 pools, business center, exercise room, tennis court, all BBQ patios), should we still be charged for this? It is an extra $50.00 on our monthly statement.
  • When accessing FMLA for the birth of a child, if you are placed on bed rest before the birth is your employer still required to hold your position for the 12 weeks after the birth?
  • If I file a petition to modify child support in March can I change my payments immediately or do I have to wait to hear back from the courts?
  • My question is can a person have two people to be her representative and alternate? Would that be power of attorney? I am at that place in my life where this is urgent I fill out and choose to be my power of attorney. I was just diagnosed with cancer.
  • My home has a lien placed on it from my HOA, my question is, Will the lien ever expire? Can they keep adding interest ? Can I lose my home, over 6000, which mostly are Lawyer fees, this all came about after 2 month late fees, which would be 30.00. At this point, I am barely able to pay bills, which I do, and have for many years, I am stressing over the notion of losing my home? Thank you for any info or help.




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