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  • I am on permanent disability. I own a 2009 car (my only car) and owe back taxes. I am single. Can IRS seize my car or my disability income?
  • Is a short term vacation rental that has a signed lease agreement with a start and end date exempt from the covid eviction laws? Rental agreement can be a short as 2 days, and as long as 90 days for a winter snowbird.
  • i heard a few years back there was help in fixing your home. is there still a program for seniors that would help?
  • do you help in criminal law i see that on the website you do but wwhen i went thru the interview process online i was told that you can not help.. please have been looking and asking for help everywhere
  • My son father lives in Fl and I live in SC. He is asking me to move to FL so he can be closer to his son. Our son 20 mos and has some disability. Is he obligated to pay for moving expenses and helping with household expenses BC he wants us to move. And all my support is in SC. So I'm be carrying the load all by myself.
  • Informed my complex that I was shopping for a house 7 months ago. At that time I asked what was needed to break the leases, afraid I would have to pay both a lease and a mortgage. They told me I would just be responsible for a 60 day notice and a fine of approximately $45 for every month I received a discounted rate by signing a 13 month lease. I learned the day before the prorated rent was due, I was also responsible for a full months rent, I do not have the funds. I paid the prorated. Is there a standard of time that I can make payments before it goes to collections? Please help.
  • If a child is born out of wedlock and the parents later marry,then separate does the father have equal paternal rights to that child?
  • Own trailer in mobile home park, pay lot rent, who is responsible for gas leak on service line
  • My ex husband is refusing to pay the court ordered child support on the dates that were specified. He stated that he had "talked" to a lawyer and was told that he would not be late until 30 days had past since the last payment. Is this correct?
  • Was not married when i applied for ahccs now that i am married what documents do i need to take to ahccs?





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