Landlord and Tenant Rights and Responsibilities Comments

7/24/16 Maria said
Thank you for your response.

5/1/09 Melanie said
I am a landlady and have been for 30 years - also I am a realtor. I am often appalled at the stories I hear of bad landlords. Some of the things they do or not do are just unconsionable. The Landlord/Tenant act is your friend - it is fair law.

3/23/09 Margo said
The answer did not dierectly answer the question regarding the landlord's responsibility for early lease violation by intending to sell the property where the tenant resides, which forces the tenant to live in a place not knowing limbo

10/27/08 Heather said
I have the same situation. Did you get anything resolved on this issue? I have hired a lawyer because my kids have been sick alot lately and I found mold in 5 of the 7 air vents in our apartment and our landlord doesn't seem to think its a concern!

10/8/07 Laurel said
I also have a serious scorpion problem. My husband has already been stung and we incurred a hospital bill because of it and we have an 18 month old son who constantly has scorpions around him in his play area and where he sleeps. What can we do?

10/6/07 Nancy said
my landlord never gave me electric bills for 6 months and is now suing me the amount plus costs? What can i do. I did ask manager each month about the bill

9/20/07 connie said
I leased an apartment and my boyfriend moved in. He was not on the lease. We separated. I should not have to pay $7000.00 when I didn't live there. Services not received.

8/29/07 lucy said
I reside @ apts. my lease agreement states they are not liable for residents safety, security,ie fire, vandalism, defects in apt or the community and deny a trial by jury. is this lawful?

8/22/07 steph said
I have a serious scorpion problem also. I need to break my lease what can we do

8/16/07 janelle said
what happens when someone can no longer afford to pay rent bc of a roommate leaving and the primary losing work..there is no lease break and there is about 8,000 remaining on this lease.. any help?

8/10/07 MICHELLE said

8/6/07 mike said
we have a scorpion problem! I would like to get out of my lease. We have two small children, my wife already got stung. What can we do?

7/26/07 jodi said
Late fees only apply when agreed upon in writing.

7/20/07 Nancy said
In our lease it states electricity provided. Does that mean we have to pay for it or is the landlord responsible for it?

6/29/07 Maria said
I live in an apt complex & have new Property manager.Jst recvd a "Maintenance Repair Cost" at my door that whn I submit a workorder all fees of repair wl be added to rent. Can they do this?

6/14/07 Amanda said
My landlord claims they never got last months rent and gave me a notice of 5 days to vacate. it is not from the court just has their name on it. Is this legal??

6/11/07 DOMINIC said
Am i still in the wrong if i sent my rent but the landlord owes taxes and wants to breach contract to sell so never accepts it

5/23/07 brittany said
I pay rent at my parents house , I have been allowed to use basic appliances , and now that my step dad has decided to evict me , and i'm in my last 30 days of living in this house hold he wrote me a letter stating that I can not use basic appliances

5/9/07 Michael said
my rental agreement is 300 less a month than i am paying a month, they said it was a typo, what should i be paying?

2/1/07 ruth said
the main breaker for my apartment is in need of replacement, srp says it is the responsiblity of the owner. how long does the owner leagaly have to fix the problem. i am unable to use my stove half my lights and my heater.

1/26/07 JOSHUA said

1/19/07 Martha said
I own a home in AZ and rent it to my sons who have not paid any rent to the tune of $12,000. We have a written agreement with them...I want to evict them, can it be done from Florida. I would rather not incur the cost of a plane ticket.

11/30/06 Lisa said
I have sent a certified letter to my past landlord....what do I do if they dont reply within the 10 day period?

10/6/06 todd said
my landlord provided me with an itemized list, which i disputed. i sent my dispute letter certified mail and it's been over 30 days now, and i still havent heard back from them.

9/7/06 tonya said
where can i go to live since my landlord shut off my electric himself by taking the fuses out and removing the breaker

9/7/06 tonya said
where can i go to live since my landlord shut off my electric himself by taking the fuses out and removing the breaker

9/6/06 BJ said
Could not find notice forms at:

8/7/06 S said
We have a dispute over the disposition of the deposit. The landlord has not responded in the last 30 days. Can I go for 2x the amount on this too? If so, it is over $2500.00 - so I need an attorney?