Landlord and Tenant - Mobile Home Parks Comments

10/16/08 joe said
I honestly appreciate this site. I am going through hell from the new management. I own and they (mngmt) has gone threw desperate measures to evict me. so thanks

8/21/07 Chris said
I was listed as a person residing in the mobile home park where my mother was leasing a space. She has passed away and the landlord now wants me to move out even though the lease has not yet expired. Do I have a right to stay.

6/12/07 Beth said
Obviously, one person doesn't know alot about black mold! you can't just take warm bleach water and wipe "mold" away.....this is an infestation growing in the walls, in the insulation, the walls, the baseboard, causing serious health problems!

6/2/07 Rebecca said
The tenant might not be able to clean the mold up due to infirmity, risk of being exposed to a toxic substance or allergen, and some of the mold may be inaccessible (between baseboard & wall).

1/21/07 scott said
the park i live in said i was 15.00 late in they wouldnt take dec,jan , when we went to court they said pay it and yoou can stay. after court noticed my monthy rent amount is 240.00 for the past year ive been paying 260.00

1/18/07 Sarah said
Tell the renter to clean her own home! It takes water with bleach in it. Wipe everything down. Why does the landlord have to clean her home?

1/7/07 audrey said
I own my own trailer, but rent the space.Discrimination &real harrassment from landlord.Now told I can't sell,unless it's moved Can't use laundry room, much more.Me-over-n55,quiet,clean,rent paid,no alcohol-drugs.Lowincome,nocar.

12/8/06 Fran said
Lori, you can get a copy of the Landlord Tenant Act by contacting the Secretary of State.

8/24/06 Michele said
Does the landlord of mobile have to keep it in good condition? I have mold growing in walls and closets and dont' know what to do. He tells me just to move. Help

7/31/06 Lori said
How do I obtain copies of the Act in my area? Do I need to pay for it? I truley need help with obtaining a copy of the AZ L|T Act and the Mobil home Act.