Resources for Seniors Comments

4/20/10 Cheri said
Great information. Thanks

8/14/08  [email protected] said
Am trying to help a senior in Flagstaff. Thank you so much for having all of this on one site. I have looked at the others also. Thank you so much. Wish we had had this when I used to try and network for seniors and veterans

3/6/08 Tricia Marra said
Where can we get the Directives and Living Wills on line free.

6/3/07 margarite said
bought a car as is has takeing 3 month to try and get it regesterd,also was not a safe car air blowing under front of car under the top of windshield blew off the strip holding windshild. was tol by az mvd that the car lot I went to (car smart)

1/3/07 Webmaster said
Link to Cochise County has been updated.

1/2/07 Marilyn said
I have been trying to get on the section specifically for Cochise County and the page always comes up that the "page has been removed...etc" Would very much like to have it put back ASAP.

12/28/06 Barbara said
This is a great site--i refer to it for information for a newsletter for low-income seniors in a HUD-subsidized apartment building. We have a growing number of Hispanic residents--is it possible to have the site in Spanish also?

10/18/06 Sharon said
This is a wonderful site. Thank you so much for this. It was a terrific help to me. And I hope that many other seniors will take the time to use this.