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Community Legal Services provides high quality civil legal services to applicants whose income is near poverty level.

148 N Summit Ave
Prescott, AZ 86301
Phone: (928) 445-9240
Toll Free: (800) 233-5114 Eng. & Spanish 800.852.9075
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  • I started renting out a room in 9/2018. I received rent until middle of October and have been waiting for payments until then. In March I received $ 250 out of $ 450. I already served this tenant with a 5 day non pay but could not follow up with the eviction notice because I got sick. I am mostly wheelchair bound on top of that. Now this tenant has moved several pieces of furniture into the garage without my permission, blocking access to parts of the garage. What can I do and what can I do with those furniture? Please, I just want my peace back. I need help.
  • I'm a father of 3 little girls my oldest 9yrsold from previous other 2 babies with the mother is a full fledged narcissistic women,my kids and I would see her rage daily over disagreements, couldn't question her. In public eye she is the best mom and person in the world to strangers&church but, in our house it was hell. I had no clue what a narsisist was until I was looking for answers. Once u call her out on truth of her wrong doing , from lying her where about to doing things to my girls. She got caught cheating,now kids taken away from me? I need to know if my youngest is mine?
  • I live in a manufactured home on my daughers land. In lieu of space rent, I "sold" my trailer and car to her back in 2010. It is now jointly titled. When I die, I will only have household possessions, clothes, some jewerly. My entire possessions if sold at yard sale prices would probably net less than $2,000. Would my daughter have to do a Small Estate Affidafidt for my few earthly possessions? The cost of filing and hiring a lawyer would surpass the value. I may have to go on Medicaid as well- do they go after personal possessions (not property)? I would hate to have to cause such a burden for such few possessions. Thank you!
  • Does an employee first have to utilize his/her accrued vacation and sick leave before FMLA can be taken?
  • Both parents share 50/50 custody but one of the parents resides in a different state. The parent that lives in Arizona is awarded all Holiday Breaks, including spring and summer break and the other parent has the child for school year. Due to the COVID19 both parents do travel to/from set location agreed upon from the court. Now when its time for parent in AZ to exercise their parenting time, what can be done? Will the parenting time be voided due to one parent lives in another state? If the parent can't come with compromise, what should be done if Parent in AZ wants to exercise parenting time
  • I'm the landlord and I want the people to move I had them evicted 8 months ago and then I felt sorry for them when they asked if they could sleep in their car in driveway with their 2 small children and their dog . I tried to evict them again last month for nonpayment of the utilities and failure to dispose of their huge pile of household trash , unfortunately I gave them a 24 hr notice to clean it up so I did not win the eviction , the verbal agreement was that they were to pay utilities water trash electric . I want them out What forms can I use to remedy this situation ?
  • I have a trust fund that was set up for myself and brother when our mom passed away in 1990. My grandma was the trustee until she passed away 4 years ago. My brother is now the trustee along w my aunt. I do not have a good relationship w either of my trustees and I cannot get any communication from my brother about my trust. I have repeatedly requested info about my trust but I never get a response of any kind. I dont even know if my trust can legally be kept from me anymore or if it shld have been dispersed by now. My brother wont give me any info so I need to knw what my options are & rights
  • I just got married to a mexican national two months ago. We both want to get his papers filed but it is so expensive. Where can we go to get help with this?
  • My daughter's teacher has given some specific issues regarding neglect of our child. Her mother is responsible for her schooling, but on her custody days the teacher has noticed some "red flags" in the last month, as well as some increased absences. If the cases are specific enough, and I can back them up with written statements from her teacher, would this warrant a temporary order without notice?


  • If you get a divorce, make sure your date of birth is on the Decree if your name is changing!. . .
  • I just helped my mother, age 89, deal with her Medicare HMO. . .
  • He told me that I could actually get all the money I needed by using my home as collateral. . .




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