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Provides general civil legal assistance to low income individuals living on or near the Coconino Reservations for Navajo, Hualapai and Havasupai Tribes

2323 E. Greenlaw Lane, Suite 1
Flagstaff, AZ 86004
Phone: 928.774.0653 Toll Free: 800.789.5781
Toll Free: 800.789.5781
Fax: 928.774.9452
Website: http://www.nativelegalnet.org


  • In Az i was renting a sustitdized tenent apt in which i was trying to add a friend to my lease, in the process she had taken me to court to evict me, i was having complications with him getting his birth cert and copy of id due to finances. i went to court and outside the court room their att. asked if i wanted to stay there i said of coarse i did he then presented me with a paper and i sighned and found out later it was a forcible detainer by stipulation. I was then locked out. was given one day she'll open the door to get everything we owned out. could not even open the door to get m
  • For SNAP, etc it states "Some resources don't count." Which resources do not count? Does a large insurance settlement count as a resource? Does it count when applying for cash assistance or medical insurance?
  • What is the process for adding my father to my birth certificate, as an adult?
  • I have lived in Arizona since 2013 which was the last time my son saw his father. His father lives in Mexico and I have tried to get ahold of him but have not been able. My son is 8 and does not know him or who he is. How can I go about getting full custody or being able to make all the decisions for my son. Since my husband is military we well be moving out of state and I need to get him a u.s passport since I have already became a citizen and I need to be able to take my child over seas.
  • what is the criteria that qualifies a confrontation, either verbal or physical, as Elder abuse? I am disabled and was involved in an altercation with the guy my daughter married - he is 24
  • My daughters father just recently was just given sole legal decision making. Does this mean he has full custody over the child?
  • The lot where I rent a space for my mobile was sold and the new owner wants us out. What are our rights?
  • Can I get an anulment instead of a divorce?
  • I sigend a year long lease in January but may have to move back to Arkansas to care for my elderly parent. What are the ramifications or possibilities of breaking the lease early??
  • Someone has my daughter birth certificate and will not return it what can I do Can I take legal action





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  • State Bar of Arizona
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  • National Domestic Violence Hotline
  • Bankruptcy Court Self Help Center
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