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  • My neighbors water heater recently needed to be replaced. The property manager was notified but the building maintenance man was out sick. It took over a week to replace the unit and complete repairs. During the time of the unit being damaged, and up to it's replacement, the cost of electricity used to power it went through the roof. Mt neighbor's electric bill overages during the two month period of the unit failing to work properly and then breaking down beyond repair, totalled $415.66. Is it the landlord's responsibility to reimburse the tenant for the cost of the electrical overages?
  • i filed fair hearing request on oct 10 via upload to healthearizona des did not submit it til nov 15th should i file another one for untimeliness processing my fair hearing request
  • What's the curfew For a 16yr old girl in city of Peoria.
  • My cousin. Is claiming. To be pregnant. With twins. From my boyfriend. We want a paternity test is there anyway. We can get it court ordered. If she dont want to take it
  • I filed an order of protection against my biyfriend. His lawyer had it sealed. Can I get a copy and give it to another person ?
  • Do I have legal grounds to request that I don't pay my last month's rent at my apartment because of the state of the AC? My AC started leaking so bad that I had to remove the cover from the ceiling, which had been so rusted, that it was dripping out of the rust holes. I found that the condensation pan has a tear that was patched with caulking and it's not even aligned properly! It's an inch thick of rust and it looks as if the air filter has never been changed, so that is why it froze and is now leaking.
  • I have a Living Trust that has my daughter as the executor. I want to change it to have my granddaughter as the executor however the company that wrote up the trust says my daughter has to be present in order to change the trust. Is there a law that says she must be present?
  • I’ve been renting my condo for a year and a half. For the past 8 months we have experienced flooding issues when it rains. My landlord replaced the carpet but since it keeps flooding and now it smells awful like mold. I want them to bring in professionals as I have two children under 5 living in that room specifically that keeps flooding. They keep putting it off and the smell is unbearable. I’ve seen mold growing on the window but I believe this is under the carpet or in the walls. What can I do!? My lease isn’t up for another 6 months.
  • can police serve order of protection without seal on order
  • I put my Fathers name on the Deed to my house in hopes of refinance. This fell through for many reasons. I am now pending a foreclosure. Will he be affected in any way with his name on the deed??




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