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  • Where can I find a court approved parenting class?
  • I just one a judgement in small claims court, how can I go about collecting the judgement?
  • Can an apt landlord include in a one year lease that a 60 notice is required and after the lease expires the tenet still has to give a 60 day notice during the month to month? In Arizona
  • Does my landlord have the right to charge me half the rent if my roommate uses 3 rooms and I only use 1. Which is 1/4 of the rental property
  • My 91 year-old father has recently been admitted to an Altzheimer's long term care facility. My stepsister, his ex-wife and a fiduciary have healthcare Power of Attorney. The fiduciary is private and only acts as a substitute. I have no access to his medical records. I live in CA & cannot take charge of his care. He's medicated and sleepy all the time. How can I get access to his medical records without becoming responsible for his care from another state? My stepsister is not cooperative and has even threatened my visits with my father. The fiduciary interceded on my behalf. His ex-wife has taken all his assets.
  • I had a one year lease. I had a clause put in stating that. At the end of lease we had the option to extend the lease with no rent increase for 6 months if paid in advance. I excercised that right. Gave letter and check(6 months rent). They tried to make me sign a new lease for one year at a large rental increase. I refused. Now my 6 month lease is up in 2 weeks. Recieved letter stating, I owe $600.00 plus late charges for last months rent. I have a contract. They sent me eviction for nonpayment five day letter. What do I do? I have to pay rent what amount?
  • My landlord issued a letter in May, stating that that was my 48 hour notice that she would begin showing my apartment to potential tenants. However, she is stating that she can show it from 12:30-7:30pm every day of the week with that notice. Is that legal?
  • I have been divorced 3 years our my ex husband was supposed to give me half of our retirement money but right before signing he said he lost it in our divorce decree it says that he was supposed to pay the full amount within a year but has failed to do so, additionally we agreed that he would keep managing our children investment account and was supposed to provide me with quarterly statements but I found out he spent the money lastly he is behind a few months in alimony, would you recommend I hire a lawyer or could I file directly through the court
  • Landlord does not want to fix a broken mailbox. The post office will not deliver until it’s fixed. Who’s responsible to fix the broken mailbox.
  • I recently had to get an Injunction Against Harassment against someone. They set a court date to contest it. I went to court, but the defendant never showed up. The Injunction is still in place. Can the defendant ask for another court date or legally contest it again. They were notified of the court date, since they requested it, so the court labeled them as "did not appear and had notification of the hearing date and time". This has been a very stressful ordeal. I want to know if I can breathe again or if I can expect to have to go to court again if the defendant requests it.





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