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  • How do I go about setting aside my criminal record?
  • My HOA is abusing me and laws have been broken.They are trying to force me out of my house. I need a LAWYER! CAN YOU HELP ME FIND A LAWYER?
  • We pay child support but ex still wants us to help pay for things. Outside of child support . Isn't part of paying child support enough
  • My son is 11. My son doesnt want to visit his father as often as outlined in the agreement, because his doesnt feel comfortable at his fathers house. He comes home very upset after his visits, because his father talks bad about me, according to my son, every day. He says speaking up wont help, because he wont simply stop for an hour or two and then continue again.Can he choose not to see his father as oulined in the parenting schedule? And if so, how should he/we take go about it?
  • If a relative has lived in your home for than a year and domedtic violence was involved, do i have to give her notice before I get rid of her belongings
  • We unknowingly moved into a complex that is infested with bedbugs. They management here is fully aware of this problem and never told us. Almost a year later I have had to throw everything away. 1 bunk bed, 2 toddler beds, and my queen bed. I asked for a copy of my file and have been refused. I served the office with a 10 day compliance notice and sent one certified mail. The office manager laughed in my face and told me he was just going to evict me. There are several units that broke leases due to bedbugs. What is my next step?
  • My landlord has asked my roommate from what they have told me to write down my ssi number on note paper instead of calling my guardian or calling me or even asking in person what do I do and do I need to contact authorities
  • I am leasing a house threw a management company and found out that the house is in foreclosure and an auction date has already been set. The way I found out is the attorney for the lender posted the notice on our door not by the management company. I had to let them know. Am I still suppose to pay them the lease payment?
  • How do I get proction for my grandchilden when my son girl freind can provide a home for them. Son is in jail. we have guardianship of there first child do to drug abuse by monther. She is now living with a cousin and her family along with her sister and there family in one home.
  • My brother owns a trailer. He and his girlfriend broke up. Owner of park had her evicted. My brother wanted to sell his trailer n had buyer set up. Owner of park took his ex girlfriend to court n falsely obtained ownership/possession of my brothers trailer. Brother found out, called cops, went to courthouse n to magisterial judge who said they will not reverse decision. Attorney said $2500 but not sure we can do anything. How is this legal? Can my brother get his property back?





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