Gila County Housing Dept. Profile

5515 S. Apache Ave
Mail: 1400 E. Ash St
Globe, AZ 85501
Phone: 928.425.7631
Fax: 928.425.9468


  • I have two class 6 felony endangerments and beleave and a class 6 conspiracy of burglary and i was tring to see if i would be able to get my rights restored my case happen when i was 16 and 18 and ive finished everything for courts been out of trouble for over 6 years
  • I purchased an ET center from a local store. I signed a paper that said no refunds and exchanges are per their approval. I asked them to place this furniture on hold for a least a month as our home was being rebuilt from a fire. Twelve days later I called them and advised I no longer wanted the furniture and they have refused to credit my credit card due to the paper I signed. Is this legal for them to say no refunds on furniture I never got?
  • We have a tenant that will not answer our calls, texts, emails or answer his door we suspect that no one is living in the home because it is a filthy, unhealthy mess completely unsanitary There are cats living in the home but empty cats food cans all over the kitchen floor we looked in the window and saw a cat The window was partially opened and when we looked inside all we could smell was a strong Oder of cat urine They have not paid rent in 3 months and we can’t find or get hold of them They have completely destroyed our home What are our rights? Can we enter the home?
  • Who is responsible for maintaining sewage piping on a rented lot in a mobile home park?
  • Hi my swep cooler has been leaking for 2 years now.i have put in work orders in and they never fixed it. Now the roof has caved in and there is black mold. i put a work order in a week ago still nothing what can i do
  • I was recently served papers concerning a request to modify child support. The order to appear was not signed by a judge and the paperwork was not complete. 1) Should I have received an Order to Appear from the court? 2) Since the papers were incomplete and not signed by a judge, do I need to respond? 3) If so, what papers should I file when the papers I was served were incomplete and not signed?
  • I am taking a corporation to small claims court. does that mean their statutory agent is part of the defendence ? I will have to compete with a lawyer ?
  • Is there a waiting period after the Judge grants the divorce?
  • Can't pay rent because of being laid off landlord shut hot water off I have a baby
  • My wife passed away close to 4 years ago after 35 years of marriage. Any $ she had or we both had (including IRA's) transferred to my name. If I get married again, are the dollars (mainly in my IRA) mine alone or would they become "ours"?





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  • National Domestic Violence Hotline
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