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The Minimum Required Limits for Auto Liability Insurance Are Soon To Be Higher

Are you ready for the insurance increase on July 1, 2020? Learn more about it here.

Types of Automobile Insurance Coverage

This article explains the different types of insurance coverage and what that coverage means.

Common Driving Violations

Here are a list of the most commonly seen driving violations and their corresponding statutes.

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Question: I got charged with a criminal speeding as a passenger what I’m I able to do and what can happen?
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Question: My car was stolen from my daughter's yard. Insurance trying to deny claim and say she was a regular driver as satellite pix show car at her address.. I'm there alot to watch kids. Can they deny on these grounds even tho it has nothing to do with theft of my car?
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Question: I'm 17 and my dad took my car away. Yes, he bought the car and paid off the insurance but the car is under my name. He got cocky with me last night and threatened to sell my car but its under MY NAME. What are my rights, can I take him to court, or call the cops and make them make him give me the keys ?
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Question: ca the police ask to see the keys to the vehicle you are driving and then refuse to give them back, because you borrowed the car and it's not in your name , because it's a friends
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Question: I got a DUI in 2006. I did all of my required assignments, but I was ordered a blower in my car. This was not a law at the time. I have gotten my Associates Degree in Criminal Science, and my Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. Unfortunately, they all seem to require a valid AZ DL. I can't afford a car and a blower without a job, and I can't get a job without a valid AZ DL. I want to see if I can try and get the order reversed by the Glendale Court Judge, as MVD has declined my request. Is this possible, and how do I go about it if it is?
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