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The Law for Mobile Home Parks

The Mobile Home Parks Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (Title 33, Chapter 11 of the Arizona Revised Statutes) sets out the law governing the rental of mobile home spaces and rights and obligations of landlord and tenant and can be found electronically here:


On 8/21/07
Chris said
I was listed as a person residing in the mobile home park where my mother was leasing a space. She has passed away and the landlord now wants me to move out even though the lease has not yet expired. Do I have a right to stay.

On 1/21/07
scott said
the park i live in said i was 15.00 late in they wouldnt take dec,jan , when we went to court they said pay it and yoou can stay. after court noticed my monthy rent amount is 240.00 for the past year ive been paying 260.00

On 1/7/07
audrey said
I own my own trailer, but rent the space.Discrimination &real harrassment from landlord.Now told I can't sell,unless it's moved Can't use laundry room, much more.Me-over-n55,quiet,clean,rent paid,no alcohol-drugs.Lowincome,nocar.

On 12/8/06
Fran said
Lori, you can get a copy of the Landlord Tenant Act by contacting the Secretary of State.

On 8/24/06
Michele said
Does the landlord of mobile have to keep it in good condition? I have mold growing in walls and closets and dont' know what to do. He tells me just to move. Help

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  • Is there any way I can break the lease to move mobile to safer park?Lots of drug & homeless traffic.New owners did evict many but now 1/2 the park is empty and majority of trailers uninhabitable.Magnet for crime and I live alone. Have pic’s.So bad Police call and email me for info.Family extremely worried for my safety.I’ve never had a lease before in 23 yrs I’ve lived here.New owner raised rent >10% in Feb. Manager refuses to tell me if going to improve things. Do I have any recourse?Required to sign another at end yr? Can I only move at end of yr in short window before sign new lease?
  • I own a mobile home in a 55+ community. I currently have no income and can not afford to pay the lot rent. Can my daughter age 22 and friend age 20 move in and live there without me being there? Otherwise I lose everything and that is presently what is happening. I have tried selling but the park says that the person wanting to buy must fill out the background check in front of them, so those interested have not been able to buy due to the fact that most are out of state. I need help NOW, as I have to leave very soon and my daughter needs an affordable place to live.
  • Can a tenant who had resided in a park for ten evicted from park because trailer is deemed to OLD even though trailer is kept in good condition inside & out. Rent is always paid on time & has been a respectable & quite & has always abided by park rules ? Should that tenant be "grandfatherd" in ?
  • can landlord shutoff my electric to my rv
  • Every year during monsoon season, my lot I rent is under 8 inches of water to include my AC, 2 sheds and part of my mobile home. Even though renting a sump pump would have easily resolved the issue, they refused to help. Now I have wood rot to both sheds and one support pillar sank. I'm unsure about any AC damage. Aren't they responsible for repairing the damage?
  • As a landlord of a mobile home park. Can an applicant be denied based on criminal history? If not what can be done?
  • In Nov. 2016 I gave the landlord a cashiers check for the agreed upon purchase price for the MH he has yet to produce the title. I was never given rules & regs, rental agreement, Dep housing summary, utilities are not posted,never rec. Meter readings, there several collsped MH. Landlord will not return calls.
  • landlord last month told all residents of the park that we are going to have to make rent payments online. they have set it up through a company called "PayLease" and are planning to make an addendum to current lease and all future tenants will also be required to pay online. a fee will be charged if tenants want to pay by check or cash. is there anything we can do?
  • I have been trying to sell home for 2 years, today received a firm offer which management refused as tenant only 50 years not 55. Have been told a percentage in 55+parks can purchase. Would you please confirm or deny this. thank you.
  • After a tenant has been escorted out of the mobile home by the Constable, are the landlords allowed to remove the property left by the tenant?




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