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The Law for Mobile Home Parks

The Mobile Home Parks Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (Title 33, Chapter 11 of the Arizona Revised Statutes) sets out the law governing the rental of mobile home spaces and rights and obligations of landlord and tenant and can be found electronically here:


On 8/21/07
Chris said
I was listed as a person residing in the mobile home park where my mother was leasing a space. She has passed away and the landlord now wants me to move out even though the lease has not yet expired. Do I have a right to stay.

On 1/21/07
scott said
the park i live in said i was 15.00 late in they wouldnt take dec,jan , when we went to court they said pay it and yoou can stay. after court noticed my monthy rent amount is 240.00 for the past year ive been paying 260.00

On 1/7/07
audrey said
I own my own trailer, but rent the space.Discrimination &real harrassment from landlord.Now told I can't sell,unless it's moved Can't use laundry room, much more.Me-over-n55,quiet,clean,rent paid,no alcohol-drugs.Lowincome,nocar.

On 12/8/06
Fran said
Lori, you can get a copy of the Landlord Tenant Act by contacting the Secretary of State.

On 8/24/06
Michele said
Does the landlord of mobile have to keep it in good condition? I have mold growing in walls and closets and dont' know what to do. He tells me just to move. Help

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  • can a park keep people below 50 from buying into park
  • I live in a senior mobile home park in Phoenix, AZ and own my home. The park owner is sending threatening notices that he is making a new rule that all tenants have to provide proof of homeowners insurance and minimum coverage shall include comprehensive liability, fire and windstorm insurance, and coverage for the removal of home in case of a total loss. None of us seniors can afford this. Wouldn't the AZ Landlord and Tenant Agreement Act, ARS 33-1452 - Rules and regulations, Item B pertain to this?
  • I have owned my mobile home since I purchased it with cash in 1996 and have resided in the same mobile park where I rent the land since that time as well. The landlord has now changed the rules and no longer allows pets. I am wondering if this is legal considering I own my home and just rent the land. ord should have no say in the matter. I am wondering though if it is legal for the park to tell me what I can do in my own home as far as having a pet. Thank you.
  • hi i am trying to find some help for a number of residents in burrwood rv park.they have received a notice on 4-2-18 in there park clubhouse that they have to move out of there park by 5-10-18,and they can return 9-1-18.they will turn off the power and water.these people have paid a yearly rent,and have nowhere else to go.they have been offered to move there rv trailers to their sister park in quartzsite az split rail rv park,about 8 miles away.they do not have the means to just pack up and spring chickens here,this is a 55 and older park.please advise.thank you la paz county
  • I bought a mobile home from a lady that had a list for the year. She didn't pay the remaining payments on her list. N the park dont want to qualify my buyers for leasing the property or selling it. Since I bought it. Now is three months and they are asking me to pay the back rent for the previous owner. Thanks
  • So quick question is there a law on how much space is allowed on the backside of your trailer in a trailer park? I have a boat that I have had stored on the backside of my trailer for six months now and the space behind us was empty but now an R.V. is moving in and my landlord is saying I am only allowed three feet on the backside of my trailer but that seems really small to me like not even big enough in case of emergency.
  • i own my mobile & rent the space.i have owned the mobile for 7yrs & have rented the space for the same. i have 2 roommates the 2nd one moved in about 2months ago.the landlord is now trying to charge me an addtl $100 a month on top of my lot rent/water/garbage. the rental agreement didn't have a rule stating that there is a $100 fee for any addtl occupants. the landlord was aware of the new roommate & didn't ask/require me to add her to my rental agreement. i wasn't given a copy of my rental agreement until 05-12-15 when i asked for one.
  • I have been served by the constable a 10 day eviction notice do I count weekends or just Monday through Friday for the 10 days?
  • I am currently renting a mobile home in a 55+ community. Our trailer is old, but the tenant does not want to do any repairs on it. Our AC is only getting down to 86 degrees, and has been 92 degrees inside for the past week. Is this legal? I also have pets.
  • Can people be allowed to swim alone in a pool in a Mobil home park.





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