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Staying on the Job

In the face of soaring health care costs and shrinking retirement plans, many seniors in recent years have migrated back to the workplace or simply stayed on the job. The number of workers who are at least 65 has jumped in the last decade. Roughly one in seven workers in today’s workforce is 65 or older.

Can I be turned down for a job or a work training program because of my age?

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (since 1967) has protected individuals 40 years or older from employment discrimination based on age. According to this act it is against the law to discriminate against someone because of age when hiring or firing, for promotion considerations, layoffs, benefits, training, compensation and/or job assignments. This act is enforced with employers who have 20 or more employees, employment agencies, labor organizations, and the federal government.

Will I lose my Social Security benefits if I stay on the job or go back to work?

No, not if you have reached full retirement age (between 65 and 67, depending on your birth date). And if you do without Social Security benefits until age 70, you will receive a larger monthly benefit check, regardless of any additional earnings. However, if you collect Social Security payments before you reach full retirement age and earn additional income, your benefits will be reduced if your earnings exceed a certain amount.



  • Employer finds any reason to down grade your work to highlight on younger coworkers. No matter how you try to succeed it is not possible as new college graduates are sought.
  • When is it NOT LEGAL to terminate an employee; i.e., what are the grounds for termination of employment that the law prohibits?
  • I am a Registered Nurse and have worked continuously as a RN in the Phoenix area for 37 years. This year a requirement for proof of citizenship is required. I have my Certified birth Certificate but it is not acceptable by the State Board of Nursing because my first and middle names are reversed from what the Arizona State Board of Nursing have on file. The only documentation I received to verify the change was my social security card. I am a Medicare Benificiary and I receive Social Security Benefits. I have been researching the accepted lists for proof of citizenship and find that Arizona states if you have been accepted into the Medicare program no other proof of citizenship is required. I have been a Medicare Benificiary since I was 65, a total of 6 years. However, the Arizona State Board of Nursing lists do not include enrollment in Medicare as proof of Citizenship. What can I do to prove I am a United States Citizen?
  • I have been working part-time; my employer has offered to make my position full-time. Is there a ceiling amount I can make before Social Security starts penalizing, i.e., taking $1 out of every $3 that I make? Thank you. 
  • I started to recieve my money about 7 months ago. I now want to go back to work. What is the procedure?
  • What is the limit u can make when u turn 65. I am still working part time.
  • If I feel I earned more than I was paid, is there a government organization I can call to confirm that?
  • I have taken early soc sec retirement. if i exceed the soc sec ceiling on income next year (2007), when and how is the benefit adjustment made to my current soc sec check. Do I have to file anything?
  • How many employees must an employer have to fall under Arizona's age discrimination laws
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