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  • I am a landlord and my lease specifically states "Mediation then arbitration" My previous tenant has filed a Case in the Civil Small Claims court. Can they legally take me to court if the lease has listed Mediation and Arbitration over a going to court?
  • I own a trailer but rent the space from the mobile park home. the main water meter broke and they charge me for the water that was flooding the of the rest space. Which I sent the money into them. Now they sent the money back to me. They are refusing to take that payment for my rent because the yard where they dug up to fix the parks water meter and there's some weeds in the front yard are they able to refuse to take my rent?
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  • I am the recipient of the child support that my son is to recieve. I am not working but going to school full time, my son's father had put down on the paper work when he filed that I was making minimum wage and said that it was mandatory to have that down regardless if I was working or not. Is this true. He also says that it was mandatory that he gets to put my son on his taxes every year for four years is this true?
  • My wife and I were married in Phoenix a year ago, and now we would like to get a divorce. However, both of us are working abroad. Can we get a divorce or an annulment? Can we have a lawyer represent us and fly back for the court dates?
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  • Was married in VA and Nikki's recently found out that my husband is still married to one of his previous wives in VA. Can I get an annulment here on the grounds for bigamy and fraud?
  • I moved out my rental unit about three weeks ago. Two other people applied for the apt however plans fell through and only I ended up moving in.I paid for the deposit, and made all monthly payments. I received my check for move out refunds for amount of less than 200, but I’m unable to deposit or cash it since it’s made out to all three parties who applied initially. I contacted the office twice and emailed numerous times with no response back. All three people Who applied are Included in lease but did not sign or ever lived in the unit. Landlord will not return callWhat can I do, need advise.
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  • I have recently moved back to arizona,my husband resides in illinois and has filed for divorce. I was told i can't file any papers here to respond to what i was served, and i have no idea what to do or what is going on. Can someone please help me




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