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  • Is it a requirement of the trailer park owner to provide a dumpster for tenants in the park
  • Is a trailer park landlord responsible for the propane regulator,they won"t buy one, say thats my reponsibility, is it
  • We purchased a park model from a private owner and it is set in a RV resort in Goodyear we paid her annual rent in April when we moved in we now have decided to purchase a home this was our temporary home as we transferred here due to the fact that we are selling the home and it has a carport and a 10 by 10 storage shed if someone were to want to purchase just the trailer do we have to leave the carport behind?can they legally charge us for rent on the lot if we move out before our year is up and new owner is also charged lot rent because move in take ownership of trailer. Double dip. Lot pay
  • If you own a trailer in a mobile home park is it considered residential the owner is charging 21 cents a KWH for electric and says he can do it because it's not residential
  • The landlord shut off our water at 3 in the afternoon and said it was only for a half hour to fix a small leak. It is now 8 am the following day and our water is still off with no word from our landlord. What can I do or call to get this issue remedied
  • The new owner has raised the rent $20 per pet. I have 4 cats that I paid $125 each to the original owner but there is no re Ord if it. Now he is saying all animals, even cats, have to be leashed. Not doing so may cause termination. Is this legal?
  • Can the owner of my mobile home park tow my car without a 30 day written notice and cahrge me a $30 late fee and then $5 every day until the rent is paid and can they come on the lot where i have my mobile home that i own without notice while were still asleep.
  • We bought a manufactured home in a 55+ community and out next door neighbor is running a “workshop” next door. We are unable to enjoy our home in the evening due to his sawing metal, compressors, and loud banging well into the night. It sounds like we have a factory in our living room. Our property manager has tried to make him stop but he continues to keep us awake with his noise and is EXTREMELY defensive if he is asked to stop. We do not have the money to relocate our home, what else can we do?
  • 500 of us live at a 55 plus Mobile Home Park on the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community and have received notice of the end of a 99 year lease being up 70 years early, Dose the State of Arizona controll what happens or is it under Federal Law because were located on the Reservation?
  • What do you do if the owner of a mobile home park gails to maintain the streets? There are no sidewalks to walk so your forced to walk on the street where there are pot holes and cracks eveywhere. No only does ut poes a risk and damage to your cars but the fear of falling in the streets cuss of all the potholes and cracks. Who do we need to notify about this?





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