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The William E. Morris Institute for Justice is a non-profit public interest law firm providing legal representation and legislative advocacy on behalf of low-income Arizonans. The Institute's current priorities include: Training and Training Assistance, Communication Coordination, Legislative and Administrative Services, Technical Assistance, and Poverty Law litigation.

3707 North 7th Street, Suite 300
Phoenix, AZ 85014
Phone: 602.252.3432
Fax: 602.257.8138
Website: http://www.morrisinstituteforjustice.org


  • I called the landlord re: the AC had went out and had provided him with my sons contact number. The landlord then called me at the time of my work on my personal cell and started to yell at me due to no contact with my son. At that time my son was on the phone with the AC tech. And now the landlord wants me to pay $100.00 towards the repair, but this has happened 3 times now and never had asked me to pay towards the repairs.
  • Can my daughter, 13 testify in m order of protection harassment injunction against her father's girlfriend? We have an order of protection against the girlfriendour
  • A 16 year old is arrested for possession of stolen vehicle and evading police. Released to parents, 1st offense. Owner of vehicle will not press charges. What is expected? Thank You
  • My refrigerator has not been working to keep my food cold. How long does the landlord have to repair?
  • My landlord sent me a lease renewal notice that indicated the rent would go up. We had a verbal agreement last summer when I renewed that my rent would stay the same. When I told my landlord that I planned to renew but asked if my rent would stay the same, she sent me a non renewal notice for my lease. Does this qualify as retaliation?
  • I am having a problem getting into my bank account .When I was very I'll I could bank number so now the bank closed it and I can't retrieved my money and there is no way I can get I am still in hospital and see no future of getting out right now .what can I do about this matter. Thank You
  • If the house is unhabitable due to rodent activity and poison all over the house, upon move in, can we get refunded and pull out of the agreement. Because we got an inspection the day we got the keys and it's infested. They also told us as we were signing the lease that there are no mice and no termites. Which we found out through a pest company, the house had both.
  • I'm not from AZ but my son is , He live with his mom and we been working things out for the pas couple years , I go visit and spend time with him ones at month, holidays , birthdays , etc. I do help with child support every month plus besides that money , when my son needs clothes or shoes you name it I always help with anything she ask for. Now I understand I live in a different State and I can't taker of him when he is going to school, buy I think summer time when not going to school I can taker of him , and she denied my request multiple times and I don't think that's fair what can I do?
  • I want to live with my aunt who lives a town away from my parents. My mom won't let Move but I have my Aunts permission to live with her is it legal to move out without my parents permission? My aunt is a safe place too.
  • My ceiling has fallen down and there is extreme mold im home. My rent is due. Should i have to pay rent if not repaired?





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