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  • My husband and I have been seperated for 6 months and I want a divorce. I am looking at moving out of state to be closer to my family. I need help filing for divorce as I have a limited income. He wants joint custody but he is not her biological father. After we got married he signed paper claiming paternity. How do I go about getting the divorce with full custody when I have no money? Thank you
  • My home went into foreclosure on 09. Tried short sales and bank never agreed on any of the contracts. So they took the house back 8/27/09 and they sold it 10/27/09. I was told by my realtor and the short sale expert the HOA dues owed to stop payment while in short sale. And after the house foreclosed that the HOA's would be absorbed in the sale of the propety. Now a collections agency has attempted to collect again in 13'. What does the law say about this.


  • I rent a house that is in foreclosure. the landlord does not know that i am aware . The house is being put up for auction in 60 days. Am I within my legal rights to withhold rent so I can find another place to live? Can he try to evict prior to the auction due to unpaid rent?
  • Son has 3 1/2 yr old daughter living solely w him in Phx, AZ for the past 3 yrs after getting joint custody 3 1\2 yrs ago Parental plan - daughter lives w each parent alternating every 3 mo. Son took daughter to OR after 3 mo. Mother was homeles. Both parents agreed daughter not to stay w her till mother stable. Mother been convicted/2 yr diversion for DV in OR, has made little attempt to contact her daughter and has made no now for over a yr. Son continues to pay child support. Question is - Can the child support order be modified so son doesn't shave to pay it to her? Thank you.
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  • Who in tucson do I report my landlord about living conditions
  • My neighbor upstairs has 3 kids aand 2 adults. I have gone to management many times to ask them to send a notice about being too loud. The jumping around is so loud it vibrates my windows,I have gone up to talk to the lady and ask her to keep it down a bit. I saw one of the children riding a scooter in the apartment and another jumping off furniture,I told the management about this but they told me it's "part of apartment living" In the lease it states I'm allowed my peace and quiet. 2 days later I got a notice saying I'm not allowed to "pound excessively" on the neighbors door.What can I do?
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  • attacked,robbed my apt,flooding for 2 days,no screens on window or patio,no apt# on my door,no heat for 14 days,electric went out twice got me very sick




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