• i presented my landlord with a list stating that needed the gas turned on it hasnt been on since i moved here it was never disclosed thatwe didnt have any gas now he wants to evict me what do i do
  • I recently renewed my lease. When doing that I made it aware to my apartment manager that my ceiling was leaking!I was told that the AC unit ( which is a P-tech unit like used in hotels) from the apartment above me was leaking. So they told the tenants to place a bucket under the unit to catch the water!!! Well my ceiling still leaks from time to time and the sheet rock has started to fall, and the window casing near the leak had also beginto fall!! Im 3 months into my new lease and they still refuse to make repairs!!!! Can I break my lease without penalty because of neglected repairs?
  • Can the apartment management come in to my apartment and take photographs? I refused but they did it anyway, I asked him to leave and he ignored me. The photos included my entire kitchen, my pantry that I purchased and it has glass doors (not part of the apartment, a stand alone cabinet) and my bathroom. We had recent repairs but he didn't take photos in the areas repaired and refused to answer why. My personal belongings were in the photo. The apartment was very clean, nothing Out of compliance but I feel my rights were violated.
  • I was told I had to pay a "holding deposit" of $600 & sign a lease for a property that I needed to rent but was unable to do a walk thru in because the existing tenants were still occupying the property. I was told I could cancel at any time prior to my move in date 8/5/13; I cancelled on 7/20/13 & am being told I will not get any of my deposit back. What can I do?
  • Is a tenant responsible for existing code violations when the violations existed before tenet moved in.The landlord has served an eviction notice.
  • We moved in on may 24 on may 25 we tried contacting front office of refrigerator not working daughter in law went in to main office on a Monday they told her following Wednesday maintenance would be in 2 weeks later maintenance shows up says it needs freon another week passes still fridge not fixed all food now spoiled contract does say tenant responsible for kiss but doesn't say tenant responsible for loss if complex neglegent do I get reimbursed for food lost
  • My apartment building is newly owned by a new company. They're saying that everything that was okayed by the old apartment manager does not mean anything so my boyfriend and I live together we are not currently under a lease and she's saying that he can't be here even though neither of us have a lease and we have both been residing here for a few months now
  • How many sq feet per tenant?
  • my year lease is up nov 29 she gave me notice today rent increase again frm 513 to 575 this is a studio apt no bigger thn 500 sq ft is this legal she is a slum lord also charging water when its not separate units also she has thermaostat in office I have no control of it she has done no upgrades I replace things whn they need to b replaced and roaches I have to take care of the prob myself can she keep raising my rent every year ? help
  • I have been living in a house since the end of May 2019 and when I came into the house there were many things wrong with it. Non functioning doors, windows, blinds, and several holes in the door that have been patched up with something that my son is allergic too and my youngest baby girl keeps picking at because its bubbly and she keeps eating it if I am not looking. I have asked them to repair several things since I have been here and they have not sent anyone and now are refusing to repair. The sink doesn't produce hot water upstairs. My toilet has been leaking. What can I do?




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