• I am renting a home and we are responsible or pest control but we have found 5 scropins in 3 weeks I took pictures and sent them to our landlord are they responsible to do anything? I am from Wisconsin and have no clue about this problem they claim they have never had this issue. I also have young children whom live with me.
  • For the past 2 months, Apartments have been having hot water issues. Month of October had no hot water for 2 to 3 days and now in November about 4 days. Hot water has been off on the morning of 11/20/2019 and suppose to be back on afternoon of 11/21/2019. Wondering if there is recourse or a credit on my rent for the month. Pay 735 a month to live there.
  • If you have been unemployed due to COVID-19. I Paid this months rent and have three months remaining on a lease, can you be released. I’ve lived there over two years and have always paid on time. I asked the lady in the office and she was very rude and said that I have to pay for every month. I’m trying to do the right thing and let them know I am now financially strained.
  • Are tenants obligated to work with owner in showing a house when landlord has put it up for sale? What is the lead time a realtor has to give a tenant to show house and how often can a house be shown in one month?
  • what is reasonable amounts air-conditioning or cooling in rental apartments in Tucson? My apartment (and those of neighbors) do not get below 80 degrees in summer. If they advertized air conditioning, it 80 degrees considered ccompliance?
  • My niebor is herrasing me landlord wont do anything.there truck blocks my rear exit door cant hardly get out the door what can i do
  • My lease ended on 12/31/14. I haven't signed a new lease and it's already May 2015. Am I considered month to month? Can the property manager still have a judgement put against me for non payment of rent?
  • My fiancé and I moved out of our apartment at the end of December 2013 and just not received a cleaning fee. It's been a year and 5 months. After we moved out we went back 2 months and asked if we owed money and they said no. Now we get cleaning fee year and a half later. Can they do that? Isn't there like time frame they have to bill me? Please help me thanks.
  • My son began renting an apartment 3 weeks ago. He purchased new furniture other than his bed he has had with no issues. In the past four days he and his girlfriend have noticed bites on them and she now has a rash from the bites. To make a long story short they found bed bugs on the corner of his mattress that is adjacent to a electrical outlet. He cut open his mattress looking for tale tale signs of any more only to find nothing. He plans on asking his the apartment to spray his and the adjacent apartments and allow him to move out to another unit. What are his rights?
  • if the landlord keeps the deposit for cleaning and repairs do they have to show a recipt as well as the list of all repairs




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