• My landlord is withholding all of my security deposit for strange charges I did not know were acceptable. She is charging us for external AC cleaning($350),grass replacement($320),interior paint($880), we filled any holes we made with pictures, we always changed our filter on time, and we had a hired landscaper, how are these items the tenants responsibility and is she allowed to charge us for items that we did not damage, but should be considered wear and tear?
  • I haven’t written my landlord about my A/C not working, however, I called him. It’s going on 9 days now that it hasn’t been fixed. Is there a way I don’t have to pay full rent?
  • I rent an apart. in Chandler. a neighbor leaves cat food out on the sidewalk 2 feed stray cats. I talked to the manager and she says there is nothing she can do.The issue now is there is a roach and ant infestation do2 the cat son turned out2 be allergic to roach bites &has fallen down and hit his head when he step on the food.there are even roaches on my bed at night when we r sleeping. She just to keep my apart. clean and has the regular guy come over to spray but this doesn't help. What can I do???
  • if a tenant call you about a cooling unit how long do you have to get it fixed
  • My refrigerator broke on July 27th and My landlord still has not replaced it and it is not Aug 4th. What do I do?
  • What if I want to file a small claim against my previous landlord in Tucson but I no longer live in Arizona? Does this have to be done in person?
  • Am I required by law to give a formal 5 or 10 day notice for repairs for lack of hot water to terminate our lease if no reasonable effort was made within 5 days to fix the issue or was our initial maintenance request sufficient notice of the problem?
  • My wife and I moved into a rental home on 3/1/18 in Tucson, Arizona, and almost immediately my wife and I started having breathing problems when inside the house. We do not experience any of this when outside the house. Upon my inspection, I noticed black mold inside and out of the guest bathroom toilet. The management company sent their maintenance person who after getting clearance (1 week) they removed and replaced the toilet. The odor was abated for approximately 2 days and returned with the entire inside of the house smelling musty. It is more pungent in the laundry room and master bathroom. I have found mold in the master bathroom toilet on the inside. I went to the Management Company on 3/22/18 to advise them we continue to find mold in the house and my wife and myself are having breathing problems, mucus and headaches when we are in the home. We are having no issues when we are not inside the home and outside at work or living our active life style. and to see if they would look into this and was advised it was on me and I should hire a mold technician check it out. If mold is found then the Management company would move on it. Why would I have to have this expense, it’s not my house, we just moved in and I feel this is the landlords responsibility. Can you please advise if there is any action I might take that would not cost a large amount of money to get the management company to do their job and do due diligence on this issue. Also, if you know of any agency in Tucson that controls these types of issues between Tenants and their landlords/Management Companies please let me know. Thank you.
  • Can a landlord have my water turned off because of late rent?
  • I moved into my apartment on 17th Avenue and after the 2nd day I set in A&E mail a list of stuff that the landlord needs to fix the most important ones are electrical meaning the out plugs not working at all my kids could easily stick their fingers in their.there was Bugs infested everywhere I never signed the lease or paid a deposit due to the bugs being everywhere as I was concerned about my children it has been 2 months now and I have sent him multiple E mails to fix the situation.isituation.isent my 30daynotice to leave can Iwithhold rentfor the last month



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