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  • If a house has service for electricity and water on and you use the facilities in the house but sleep in the backyard in a shed have permission from the home owner to sleep in their backyard can the home owner be fined. Is there any laws that say you can't sleep in a yard located in Mesa Az.
  • Are scholarships considered income? My ex receives a great deal of money from scholarships and 401K cash out but claims that he has no income?
  • I'm currently receiving child support from my ex-husband, however there is back child support that is still owed. I understand I can do a 25% garnishment of his check to surfice the arrears? If so what are the steps?
  • Our lease ended in November of 2016, we did not want to sign a new lease due to trying to find a new place to rent. So we have just been paying month to month and ignored the least the landlord sent us to renew. Is it legal for us to not sign a lease? Can the landlord force us to sign a lease?
  • in the state of Arizona, is the act known as "skitching" - where you use a car's momentum to pull you when riding a skateboard or rollerblades, a crime? and if so, where might i be albe to find the laws concerning it?Thank you
  • Can a landlord collect an annual interest rate for delinquent rent?
  • Me and my wife are seperated and she has my truck can my son steal it for me
  • I was offered a job and need to terminate my lease with short notice. I've provided notice in writing to my landlord (both via email and certified letter), as well as called several times, but I haven't gotten any sort of response from them. Do I have any further responsibilities or recourse?
  • I currently pay child support for three children. My oldest child turns 18 in November of 2020. My middle child turns 18 in December 2021 and my youngest child turns 18 in December 2022. THE 2018 ARIZONA CHILD SUPPORT GUIDELINES (adopted by the AZ Supreme Court) states that the 'presumptive termination date shall be the last day of the month of the 18th birthday of the youngest child.' Does that mean that I must continue to pay child support for ALL THREE CHILDREN until my youngest child turns 18 years old? Please advise. Thank you
  • I moved into a manufactured house on the first of april with two small dogs. In the lease it states that I can have two small dogs and two domestic cats. The other day my landlord came and verbally told me I could not keep my dogs in doors at night and if I do I have 30 days to move out. Can he do that? It says nothing in my lease about not being able to bring them in at night. I understand he doesn't want them roaming around inside while Im at work all day!! dog's are house trained. He wants me to write a letter stating I want to move out because of this.




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