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Arizona's Booster Seat Laws

Summary in FAQ format of the child-restraint/booster-seat law in Arizona. 

Adoption and Child Welfare

Adoption information from the nation’s only comprehensive searchable site for statutes, regulations, key cases and leading articles about adoption and child welfare law from all 50 states

by: The National Center for Adoption Law & Policy

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Where to Find an Attorney for Specific Legal Advice

 All legal service programs in Arizona differ, and their criteria for accepting cases vary as well. Find out what programs are available and where to go for assistance.

Parent Education Classes

Find out about the Parent Education Class and tips about how to help your child adjust to a divorce or separation.

by: Arizona Supreme Court, Court Services Division

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Question: My daughters dad just passed away and me and him both have custody of my daughter . My daughter is with his mom right now but I want her with me . How can i go get her without running into any problems ?
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Question: I am trying to serve through publication. Case and child are in maricopa. I don't know where mom is but think she might be in Washington. I was unsuccessful at all address I found her name linked to. Do I need to publish in maricopa paper or the paper where it is believe she might be?
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Question: With our state on stay at home order due to the pandemic are we still having to provide our child for visitations even if it would mean the child would travel to another city and be more exposed as a result? And if so wouldn’t that be breaking the stay at home order? If we don’t do it would that be considered breaking the visitation order?
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Question: I have legal custody of my daughter and father has 4 hours supervised visits a week. My daughters daycare closed due to CoVId 19 and father wants to watch her while I'm at work can I leave her with him yes or no
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Question: My son friend 14 year old kid is homeless and staying in different friends home every day..his mom has never contacted any adults and the kid doesn't know where she is at ..what can I do to get this kid help
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