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Premises Liability: Slip and Falls

What is a business owners liability if a person falls in your place of business? This article will tell you how the law views your liability.

The Claims Process

This article talks about the insurance claim process.

Your Business Owners Policy

Most business face similar problems, which is why many insurance companies package the most needed coverages into what is commonly called a Business Owners Policy (“BOP”). The following are the most common coverages in a BOP.

The Ins and Outs of Business Insurance and Risk Management

This article discusses risk management and how to plan for, and deal with, some of the liability and exposure you face as a business owner.

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Question: We had an installer for a cable company in our house. My dog broke through the gate and bit his pants which scraped his leg. No puncture through the skin, no bleeding. Not trying to minimize what happened. It was scary. He put in a claim with his workmans comp. Now the Workmans Comp insurance company is sending us notices that we are responible to re-emburse them. The notice says "Medical Lein" Is this legal? They are being paid by the company and they also want to collect from us? The letter says I should submit a claim to my home owners insurance. Help? Thank you, J
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Question: I am actually writing this on behalf of my dad. My dad was an eletrician and a veteran. 10 to 14 yrs ago he wired a house, the house was inspected and he received a green tag on it. Just a few months ago the house caught on fire and the insurance is blaming my dad. The fire was do to a gas leak on an outside fireplace of some sort. My dad is hard of hearing, retired and is on a set income. Please help, he has no money for a lawyer and is to represent himself when he is summoned to. Can you help or direct us to someone who can?
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