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Arizona EZ Court Forms

Do you need help filing a case? This program may be your answer. Learn more here.

How to Start a Civil Lawsuit

Do you have a dispute that you need settled in court? Here is how to get started.

Service of Process

What is service of process and why is it important? Find out here.

AZTurbocourt: The online court system

AZTurboCourt provides users with ways to access Arizona's courts, including the ability to initiate cases.

by: Arizona Supreme Court

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Guide for Self-Represented Appellants and Appellees

The "Appeals Guides for Self-Represented Parties" is a series of five separate guides created by the Arizona Supreme Court to assist parties who represent themselves in certain appeals. 

by: Arizona Supreme Court

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Tips for a Successful Client-Attorney Relationship

by: State Bar of Arizona

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Arizona Superior Court Locations by County

Find out where your county's superior court is located and how to contact by phone or online

Wage Garnishment for Payment of Child Support

Garnishment is a legal process by which one party may collect money from another party, after a money judgment has been entered. Learn more about how garnishment can be applied to child support.

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Question: Someone posted a no trespassing sign ARS 13-1502-A1 on some idle land my neighbors and I have traditionally use for access to county trails. It is suspect. How can I tell if this is a legitimate sign, or if someone just bought it off the internet to scare his neighbors away? (same party strung cable accross a common access road in June and injured a bicyclist) . thx!
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Question: If j enter a not guilty plea and take it to trial how woyld i go about obtaining evidence from the arresting officer including but not limited to notes and video
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Question: An attorney filed a patent for me and it has been rejected/ they are being investigated by USPTO for unethical conduct/ malpractice. I lost money plus the patent. They were sketchy at best and tried to avoid me knowing who or where they were. Now they are trying to send me paperwork retroactively to cover their hides. They are located in Scottsdale Arizona. I live in Florida. Can I get my money back? What would be the best way to pursue legal action?
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Question: If My Aunt whom doesn't consider Me family & whom is Very influential is on a few board of directors along with the bank CEO where My Trust is being held. What type of lawyer would I talk to regarding problems I am having? Also isn't that considered a Conflict of interest?
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