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ACLU of Arizona represents clients cases that have a large impact on the community at large because of limited resources. To better understand the kinds of cases accepted and how to have the ACLU consider a case, visit them on-line.

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  • I have $250,000 invested in a 1150 sq ft home and lot in a Surprise HOA, built with permits from the City. With that permit, my contractor built an 850 sq ft addition (story & a half) to a park model, wrapping all in stucco. Now realtors tell me they cannot put my property in the "residence" section of MLS but must list it under LAND/LOTS. How will out of state buyers find my home in a or mls or zillow search? What was the legislature thinking when they dictated this? Thank you for any information you can provide.
  • I live in kansas and my little sister is on phoenix. My mother and her father want to send her to live with me. I would like to know how to properly attain legal guardianship of her so that i can enroll her in school. I dont know what to do
  • My ex-husband just got arrested for an extreme DUI. We have gone through mediation in the past and he agreed to "conditional sole custody" but now disputes it. How would I go about getting sole custody with supervised visitation? Do I need to go through mediation again or do I go straight to a hearing? 
  • I am being evicted from the RV park in which I live for false accusations. They are saying I have large amounts of traffic, loud noises, and having people living in my house that are not living there. None of this is true. My husband drives a taxi and will sometimes come home on his breaks after 10pm. They are saying that this is not permitted but as a resident should he not be allowed to come home for his break? We have no late night visitors and noone but my husband and I live in the home. What can I do to stop this eviction?
  • To be charged criminaly for incest do the involved parties have to be married
  • I was married to my ex husband for 11 years while he was in the military. He later retired from the military. Am I entitled to half of his pension? It was not noted on our divorce decree.
  • I have three childre with my ex. We are stil legally married. What right do I have when it comes to custody issues?
  • I have 50/50 custody of my sons there dad kicked out my 14 year old son can I file for full custody
  • I have been listed as custodial parent for our daughter since our divorce in 2010. At the time of divorce my ex husband wasn't employed but it was listed in the decree that he was to pay 100% for all health insurances including dental and vision and was responsible for 50% of all non covered medical expenses as well. From Jan 2011-March 2018 he failed to pay any of these obligations. We have a court ordered child support in place now but his self employed income hasn't been filed according to his then attorney since 2016. How will the court determine his income?
  • how old does the minor have to be to choose to stop vistation in arizona





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