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  • I am renting a room in a house. The landlord has not given me a signed copy of the lease/agreement. The landlord does not give me a rent receipt. I have been living here for about 8 months, sending/mailing the landlord checks regularly. Now, the landlord is asking me to give a detailed breakdown of rent/checks paid ad the associated dates in a specific format. I have done the best I can. The landlord has been sending me multiple messages regarding this over the weekend. Isn't this the landlords job, to keep track of the rent/checks paid. I feel the landlord treats me differently versus others.
  • We fell on hard times and couldn't pay our car payment for a leased vehicle. They repossessed the car, sold it and now are suing us for almost the full price that it was being sold for. are we responsible for the full price of a leased vehicle. Why wouldn't we be responsible for just the remainder of the lease payments? And why should we have to pay them for a vehicle we don't have anymore. We can barely make ends meet now a garnishment would make us homeless.
  • How does this minimum wage law pertain to commission base jobs, ie sales - car, furniture?
  • If an undesignated felony 6 is dropped to a misdemeanor; is that person still considered a felon? Are they still required to report a felony conviction or can they legally state they are not a felon? What are the benefits of getting a felony dropped to a misdemeanor? I understand the expungement and set aside concepts but if a background check still shows a felony even though it was dropped to a misdemeanor and set aside what do we have to do to get it to show accurately and display the conviction as a misdemeanor? Whats the point if getting it dropped and set aside if it shows a felony?
  • i was not arrested but have to go to court for a first time shop lifting in Pinal county. I have no job or money what is going to happen?
  • I'm moving to PA. Can I use my EBT card there?
  • I was served my notices and went to court with my landlord. She got a judgement against me for unpaid rent and was granted a writ of restitution to be received on 9-1-09. On the morning of 9-1-09 when I returned to the property to finish moving, she had locked the gates. My dogs were still there and I had not been served the writ by the constable. Turns out that she did not received the writ until 10:18 that morning but the gates were locked at 8:48 a.m. Does the writ have to be served or is it just given to the landlord and they can do as they please?
  • I have a court order set an my kids dad isn't following the order. I have joint custody an decision making but he does not include me in anything he even has text messages saying how dose it feel to not be apart of my kids life decisions. He hasn't provided me a insuraurence Card even sayin in text it's not important. I still believe there is drugs abuse as well as alcohol . I'm order to pay child support an I made a large payment for the full year now he is requesting me to pay more because he can't pay for the school that he had to have my child to go to. I
  • Is there any law regarding the age of a person subpeona for a trial?
  • I just got married and want to change my daughters last name to match mine. She is 6 months old and there is no father on the birth certificate nor do I know who they are. What forms do I need and will I have to pay a fee for PIMA county minor name change because of marriage.




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