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Self-Service Guide for Divorce Cases

Detailed informational guide for individuals to file their own divorce papers.

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On 8/9/07
Ruth said
The court will be sending divorce paper to my husband out of state. Is there someone there so he signs his name w/o any problems?

On 8/1/07
Sandy said
My daughter lives in Az. but was married in Las Vegas. Will it be easier to get a divorce or annullment from a different state? Does anyone have any info on this?

On 12/14/06
Julie said
So, what happend with the question about wanting to move to a different state and then file divorce?

On 10/10/06
Terry  said
He agreed to pay in divorce decree and won't now. How do I collect ?

On 6/2/06
Jeff said
I think I should be able to have a family.

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  • My husband was recently arrested for sexually abusing my daughters. He is currently in jail awaiting trial for 3 class 6 felony charges. Of course I want a divorce, but I want to make sure that I proceed in a way that will most benefit my five children. I want to protect them from their father (get sole custody), and I want to do what will help us most financially. So is it best to file divorce papers immediately or to wait until he is convicted? If he is convicted does all of his property revert to me if we are still married? I am thinking long term, I know that I won't be receiving any child support so if the property doesn't revert to me on his conviction, is it likely that courts will give me all the community property in lieu of child support? Thank you.
  • is annulment legal in az
  • How do i go about divorcing a native american if we married at the end of Feburary of this year.
  • If court ordered my friend to pay child support, does this mean a decree was complete? My friend still thinks he is married and a responsible party.
  • In the event an annulment was granted does the the wife have the option to keep the husbands last name even if he requested she not keep it?
  • My husband was Active Duty Army when we married and had a son together. He got a divorce without my knowledge after 8 years and went on to Retire as a Sgt. Major. Am I entitled to part of his retirement ? I now live in AL and he lives in VA.
  • My husband filed for divorce. My question is since the house is in his "mother's" name, which is what I am being told, when the divorce is final can they just kick me out? I have paid the utilities and upkeep for 4 years now. My husband lives on one side of house and I on the other side right now.
  • My wife is asking for a divorce. Do i have the right to ask/make her change her last name, in the divorce decree?
  • Military Retirement Pay and divorce. I married AFTER I've retired from the military. Most of the Q&A talked about divorce while in service or marriage occurring while serving. If I divorce, would my spouse still be able to get a percentage of the retirement pay?
  • My wife left me 8 mos. ago. We lived in Colorado (I still do). How do I find out if she has filed for legal seperation ?




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