• My boyfriend is in the Dominican republic and I want my son to have his last name, what can i do?
  • Can a convicted felon be appointed a power of attorney over someone?
  • My Father In-law Passed away and I am named as executor in his will. He had no life insurance and only his home which is still under mortgage. Do I need to file an informal probate for his will or due to the small size of his estate it is not required?
  • I rent from my boss. I want to know if she can with hold my check for payment. She has the house address on the lease which I have not signed as the company address.
  • What is the difference between legal custody and sole legal custody?
  • How do I begin to file probate if there is no will?
  • if my chilldren are in temp foster care can I request a custody of my chilldren
  • Do police officers need a reason to pull you over also can they search your car without a warrant
  • I just got off tasc my case was dismissed with prejudice can i get my gun back from dps?
  • I live in an apartment building and I do not have a lease at this time my lease was up and I just never renewed it the building is now owned with a new landlord and I am no longer comftroble living her my rent is do no latter then the 3 rd of feb if I want to move out befor the rent is due do I need to give a 30 day notice or pay rent for February?




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  • National Domestic Violence Hotline
  • Bankruptcy Court Self Help Center
  • Certified Legal Document Preparer Program