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Question: can sexual harassment cases be tried as civil rights violations


Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination that violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Arizona Civil Rights Act. Title VII (federal law) applies to employers with 15 or more employees, whereas the Arizona Civil Rights Act (state law) allows filing of sexual discrimination charges against any employer, regardless of the number of employees.

If you have suffered from sexual harassment, you can file charges on the Arizona Attorney General’s Civil Rights Division or call or write the Civil Rights Division at: 1275 West Washington St. Phoenix, AZ 85007 602.542.5263

If Title VII applies to your employer, you can also file charges with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The EEOC’s intake questionnaire is located at here, or you call or visit the EEOC’s Phoenix District Office at: 3300 North Central Avenue, Suite 690 Phoenix, AZ 85012-2504 1.800.669.4000 The office suggests calling before visiting the office to obtain information or make an appointment.

 For more information on sexual harassment, you can review: -The “Discrimination on Job” article on this web site, -The Arizona Attorney General’s (AAG) Tip Card on Employment Discrimination,-The AAG’s Employment Discrimination publication, -The EEOC website on sexual harassment, or -The U.S. Department of Labor’s web site on discrimination in the workplace

You should know there are also many organizations providing resources and support for victims of sexual harassment, including an online sexual harassment support group here.


  • can sexual harassment cases be tried as civil rights violations




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