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Child Abandonment

What is Child Abandonment? Find out here.

Where to Find an Attorney for Specific Legal Advice

 All legal service programs in Arizona differ, and their criteria for accepting cases vary as well. Find out what programs are available and where to go for assistance.

Things You Should Know about Protective Orders

When you are in a relationship with someone who uses threats, harasses, molests, stalks, attacks, batters or strikes you, your family or your children, that person is committing Domestic Violence. You are not alone.

by: Arizona Supreme Court, Court Services Division

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Question: My ex has had literally nothing to do with our daughter since she was 1 and half. She is almost 4. He has been in and out of jail lately and has found himself back with his druggie girlfriend. I want to keep my daughter safe, what are my steps to insure this?
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Question: My ex left to Mexico before our daughter was born. Came back only once to see her and has been MIA for almost 2 years now. He is hiding out in Mexico with his new partner to avoid child support and hasn’t even tried to check in on her in all this time but he pays for his other child and possibly checks in on him as well. so it’s just mine he has cut all ties with. Is this grounds for charges? If so, how would I go about that?
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Question: My ex-husband has been out of the picture for over 3 years. No child support, no contact with the three kids for this entire time. I re-married and my husband and I have taken care of them. I have full custody of my kids and wish to terminate his parental rights due to lack of contact and failure to be there for them in every sense of the word. He also lives in a different state and could have supervised visitations if he wanted to but has chosen not to. There’s also a history of domestic violence and alcoholism from his part therefore the supervised visitations.
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Question: What do I need to file abandonment
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Question: How can I prove child abandonment from my baby’s father in order to get sole custody? He does not help out in any way financially or physical care of the child, does not even ask about him so how would I go about proving that?
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