Foreclosure Article

Renting a Foreclosure

1.       Can I rent a property that is in foreclosure?

Yes, but the landlord must provide a written notice of the foreclosure with the rental agreement.

2.       What happens if while I am renting a house the property goes into foreclosure?

If you are renting house and the property goes into foreclosure the landlord must notify you. In fact they must provide you with written notice within 5 business days of the first notice of trustee sale.

3.       Is there a specific form that I need to use to notify a tenant?

Arizona Revised Statute 33-1331 provides a format for how a landlord should set up this information but it is not necessary to use this exact format.  The format is as follows:

This property is undergoing foreclosure. For more information on this action, you should contact ________________ (name, address and phone number of the court where the action is filed or trustee, attorney or other responsible party).

A sale at auction may or may not occur as a result of this foreclosure. Currently, the sale of this property has been set for _________ (time, date and place) or no date for sale of this property has been established.

4.       What happens if the owner fails to provide notice?

If a landlord fails to notify their tenant in writing within 5 business days the tenant may terminate the lease and recover their security deposit. It is also possible to obtain injunctive relief and money for any damages the tenant may have.

5.       As a tenant can I just leave the property if I am not notified properly?

No, a tenant must deliver written notice stating how the landlord breached the agreement and that the rental agreement will end on a specific date. The end date must be at least 10 days after the letter is delivered.

6.       Does this apply to apartment complexes?

No, these laws do not apply to apartment complexes or other multifamily residential complexes that have more than four units.


Updated: February 24, 2017



  • We currently have a mortgage on our home as well as a home equity line of credit. If the first mortgage company forecloses on our property, can the bank that we have a home equity line of credit sue us or file a judgement on us for the amount of the home equity line of credit we used?
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  • I belong to a Property Owner's Association. The manager and the original Developer states we do not follow ARS Title 33 because the Association is a non-profit corp. and does not own property. We are all mandated members that must pay dues to maintain the roads that are dedicated to public use. We have bylaws, CC&R's. Is this true? The developer is getting properties back thru foreclosures and says he does not owe dues and is using his 10-1 votes from the foreclosures. Our CC&Rs say that if the first mortgagee gets property back they are not liable for past dues, but from acquisition. Help?
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